Your Lie In April Episode 7

The day of the big recital finally comes. Kaori gives Kousei some much needed pep-talks before the big day, but he still has his doubts. His trauma manifests into a new form as he remembers an old pet his mother took away. Meanwhile, the two no-names from the end of last episode finally make their presence known as Kousei’s rivals. Will Kousei have the ability to match their expectations?


Your Lie In April Episode 6

Kousei is driven hard by Kaori to start practicing for a recital. His abilities have noticeably decreased, and his mental struggles still affect his playing. Kaori finally understands the carelessness of her actions, but in her enthusiasm Kousei finds the strength to continue. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is in the midst of Regionals when she starts to get jealous of Kousei and Kaori’s closeness.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 6

Migi acts quickly to save Shinichi’s life by merging with his damaged organs. The process takes its toll on Migi, but also manages to make improvements to Shinichi’s senses. He finds out his father is still alive, wounded in a hospital. Shinichi goes to protect him from the monster that stole his mother away, and finally builds the resolve to fight.


Your Lie In April Episode 4 & 5

Kousei finally gets to the competition with Kaori. After his trauma gets to him, Kaori tries to give him another push to get over it by sticking with him. Afterwards she collapses, bringing everyone to worry about her condition. It would appear she is fine, but the event sparks guilt in Kousei. Coupled with how he deals with his crush on her, he finds it hard to talk to her face to face. After she waits to confront him, he is sparked towards action. Will he really be able to put his problems behind him?


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 5

Shinichi continues to search for distinctions between himself and the unfeeling Parasytes. By trying to intervene on behalf of his friend versus some bullies, he finds cause for his humanity, as well as interest from a new girl named Kana, who may be able to sense Parasytes. Away from home, tragedy strikes his family, and Shinichi must confront the worst case scenario.


Your Lie In April Episode 3

At a pitstop on the way home, Kaori reveals she’s heard a lot about Kousei from his years as the Child Genius. Kousei is goaded into playing the piano for some adorable twerps until his trauma forces him to stop. He reveals to Kaori that he believes he can’t hear the music if he plays for long enough. After accepting that this is kinda ridiculous, Kaori goes on a vendetta to make him her accompanist for the next round of the competition.