One Week Friends Episode 2

Yuki tries to befriend Kaori after her memories reset. While initially awkward, she opens up to him once again. As a countermeasure to the amnesia, he thinks up of the idea of a diary to chronicle the week’s memories, even if she forgets them. On the last day, the two go for an adorable day on the town.


First Look: Is the Order a Rabbit?

Cocoa is a young japanese girl moving into an idyllic German river town. Despite this being the opportunity for some fish out of water antics, as soon as she gets to her new home, everyone conveniently speaks Japanese and it transitions into a show about cute girls doing cute things in a cafe.


Golden Time Episode 22 & 23

The breakup is official as Banri slips more and more away. 2D-kun tries to patch things up with the group, but Banri’s psychosis upsets plans once again. Seeing no hope, Banri submits to his fate.


Noragami Episode 11

Yato tries desperately to remind Hiyori of their time together. Unfortunately, Nora shows up paired with Rabou, threatening that Hiyori’s conscience itself is slowly being stripped away.


Noragami Episode 10

With things smoothed over between Yukine and Yato, things focus back on Hiyori’s unique problem. Just as things seem to finally be quieting down, Nora shows up, threatening her.


Samurai Flamenco Episode 19

Recap Hazama starts living an ordinary life as his actions have brought about world peace. While he is being vetted for President of the World, Goto goes back home. There, the biggest mystery in Samurai Flamenco is revealed.


Noragami Episodes 8 and 9

Yato continues to have problems with Yukine. When Yukine realizes the true despair of his new life, he lashes out against the world, putting Yato on the brink of mortal peril. After Hiyori takes him to Kofune, the race is on to find three Regalia to perform a dangerous ritual that will hopefully save them both.


Samurai Flamenco Episode 18

Hazama is invited into Alien Flamenco’s ship, where they talk about AF’s plans for humanity. With logic about as sharp as a cudgel to the face, Hazama obviously refuses, and… well… it’s Samurai Flamenco. I think you know the drill by now.


Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

Hazama gets some help from his friends in order to get a one on one showdown with the Prime Minister. Unfortunately for Hazama, the PM is packing some serious gear. Even if Samurai Flamenco defeats this new threat, will the world still be in danger?


Noragami Episode 6

Yukine runs off, and starts to give in to temptation. The sins hurt Yato just as he gets in a confrontation with the war god Bishimon. With a wide array of Regalia tools, Yato is put on the ropes. Thinking of no other option, Hiyori rushes to get help.


Samurai Flamenco Episodes 15 & 16

Hazama’s world is flipped upside down again …again as a government conspiracy frames him for the From Beyond attacks. As he runs away from the law, he finds a homeless man who was touched by his original efforts as Samurai Flamenco. Elsewhere, Mari comes to terms with what happened in King Torture’s hideout and finally reconciles with the Flamenco Girls.