Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 11

With the immediate threat over, Shinichi tries to go back to his normal life at school. At the same time, strange dreams and Shinichi’s warnings make Kana start to get even more interested in him. Elsewhere, a modified Parasyte is unleashed in some clandestine operation. His efforts appear to run parallel with other Parasytes attempting to infiltrate the local government.


Your Lie In April Episode 8

Before Arima gets his time to shine, Takeshi and Emi take the floor and raise the bar. Both of them channel their rivalry with Arima through their music, and see it bring them success. With these years of emotion building up, will Arima be able to live up to their expectations?


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 10

Shimada’s confrontation spirals out of control as his body is damaged. With no way to stop his autonomous Parasyte reactions, he goes on a killing spree in Murano’s class. Shinichi goes to save her, and resolves to defeat Shimada by his own hand. Later, we learn just how much the government knows about the Parasyte threat.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 8 & 9

Shinichi’s mind is starting to change with his body, and Murano is starting to notice it more and more. A new parasyte is sent into Shinichi’s school, keeping him on edge. Later, one of Murano’s friends discovers the secret of the Parasytes, and despite being totally defenseless tries to handle the new arrival herself.


Your Lie In April Episode 7

The day of the big recital finally comes. Kaori gives Kousei some much needed pep-talks before the big day, but he still has his doubts. His trauma manifests into a new form as he remembers an old pet his mother took away. Meanwhile, the two no-names from the end of last episode finally make their presence known as Kousei’s rivals. Will Kousei have the ability to match their expectations?