First Look: Blue Spring Ride

Alternative titles: Aoharaido, Ao Haru Ride Manga Adaptation – Production I.G. Streaming on Crunchyroll Premise In middle school, Futaba Yoshioka was asked out on a date by her crush Kou Tanaka, but after overhearing an outburst by her, she gets stood up. Shortly after, Kou leaves due to family problems and the two lose contact.…


First Look: Barakamon

Handa Seishuu is a young practitioner of the ancient art of calligraphy. After an insult caused him to assault a senior citizen, he retreats to an isolated island town to focus on his work. Once getting there, he meets a young girl who quickly takes a shining to the new resident.


Ping Pong Episode 10

Even injured, Peco is determined to fight with all his strength against the indomitable Kazama. Things start to look down for The Hero, but some inspiration from Smile brings him back into the game.


One Week Friends Episode 10

Things seem to go back to normal very quickly between Yuki and Kaori, but with her memories wiped, things are still difficult. The gaps in Kaori’s memory become more and more visible. Meanwhile, the newly crowned Teen Douchebag lets on a bit more about Kaori’s past.


One Week Friends Episode 8: Isshukan Rage

Kaori wants to go to the beach, a plan Hase wholeheartedly endorses. Reluctantly, Shogo helps him coordinate the outing. As they spend more time together, Kaori and Hase start reconsidering the nature of their relationship, but wuss out when they have the perfect chance. We were not pleased.


One Week Friends Episode 7

Kaori has gained some new girlfriends as her social circle slowly widens. A little jealous, Yuki plans to make more time for just the two of them. Later, Yuki worries about losing Kaori over summer break, when they won’t be able to see each other as easily.


One Week Friends Episode 6

Yuki is still struggling with math scores, so Kaori invites him to come over to her place for a study session. It quickly turns into a hangout for everyone, and the gang meets Kaori’s adorable mom. Giving Yuki a message, she sheds some new light on Kaori’s past.


One Week Friends Episode 4

Yuki becomes jealous of Shogo’s deepening friendship with Kaori. Loosing his cool, he insults Kaori, leaving her distraught. Taking some time to think, she heads to a spot she wanted to go to together. Through an accident, she loses her diary, and Yuki does everything in his power to find it.


One Week Friends Episode 3

Kaori and Yuki grow closer together, but their fellow classmates still don’t understand her. Hoping to change that, Yuki brings his friend Shogo along to learn about her true self.


One Week Friends Episode 2

Yuki tries to befriend Kaori after her memories reset. While initially awkward, she opens up to him once again. As a countermeasure to the amnesia, he thinks up of the idea of a diary to chronicle the week’s memories, even if she forgets them. On the last day, the two go for an adorable day on the town.


First Look: Is the Order a Rabbit?

Cocoa is a young japanese girl moving into an idyllic German river town. Despite this being the opportunity for some fish out of water antics, as soon as she gets to her new home, everyone conveniently speaks Japanese and it transitions into a show about cute girls doing cute things in a cafe.