Sound! Euphonium Episode 2

Kumiko is still agonizing over her reconciliation with Reina. Meanwhile, everyone finally picks their instruments, and the VP is the best character once again. With a new conductor in town, it seems changes will come to the band.


First Look: MY love STORY!!

Gouda has grown up all his life falling in love, but the girls only ever have eyes for his friend Sunakawa. After graduating middle school, Gouda stops a molester on the train. He quickly falls in love with the girl he saved, but he believes that history will repeat itself once again.


First Look: Sound! Euphonium

Kumiko has just started high school away from most of her old friends. she used to be in band, but now doesn’t seem to want anything to do with it. Despite mixed feelings, her new friends slowly lead her back to the concert band.


First Look: Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Nobel Laureate NEET Junichiro wants nothing more of his life than to do what he wants. When we find him, that currently means lazing around all day updating his anime blog. Since apparently the one million dollars he would have been awarded for such an achievement wasn’t enough for his family, his sister forces him to start working at his old high school. Dumb things happen afterwards.