Your Lie In April Episode 3

At a pitstop on the way home, Kaori reveals she’s heard a lot about Kousei from his years as the Child Genius. Kousei is goaded into playing the piano for some adorable twerps until his trauma forces him to stop. He reveals to Kaori that he believes he can’t hear the music if he plays for long enough. After accepting that this is kinda ridiculous, Kaori goes on a vendetta to make him her accompanist for the next round of the competition.


Your Lie In April Episode 2

The gang gets Kaori to her competition in the nick of time. Her playing blows the audience out of the water, and solidifies Kousei’s crush. Unfortunately, her unorthodox style gets no points from the judges. Realizing he’s only second fiddle to Ryota, he becomes melancholy once again, but he just can’t get her out of his head.


First Look: Your Lie In April

Kousei Arima is a former child prodigy. After his mother’s death, he swears off the piano, instead deciding to spend his time like any other normal middle schooler. After being cajoled by his best friend Tsubaki, he goes to a get-together where he meets Kaori Sawabe, an energetic violin player. She has her sights set on his friend Ryota, but for Kousei, it’s love at first sight.


First Look: In Search of the Lost Future

Our show starts out in some strange future lab, but quickly transitions to an established club in the middle of preparations for its big school culture fest. This club also has the strange double-duty of school mediators, both using information and force to resolve conflicts. After a conveniently tragic accident steals one of their lives, the future is somehow changed to stop it.


First Look: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika is a starting freshman. She’s a pathological liar with a very vain concept of how friendship works. In order to get in good with some gaaru girls that are her neighbors, she pretends to have a boyfriend. After being pressed, she decides to take the picture of some rando named Kyoya to pretend he’s the genuine article. There’s only one problem: He goes to her school. In order for him to keep up airs, he wants to make her life an embarrassing mess.


First Look: Denki-Gai

Our focus is on a book store in Akihabara’s famous Electric Town. If this is sounding familiar to long time readers, that’s because this is an adaptation to a manga previously reviewed on Iro’s old RMT. While he gave the manga a resounding “okay”, the anime seems to have elicited a different reaction.



In the distant future, attempts to terraform Mars have caused the creation of a race of sentient cockroaches. Akari Hizamaru is an underground fighter with special abilities. After he learns his childhood love had finally succumbed to an alien disease, he decides to join a group of humans modified to take on the aliens. Oh, by the way, the aliens look like early twentieth century racist caricatures. So yeah…