The Rolling Girls Episode 3

The newly formed group rolls into Tokyo, now called Always Comima where a misunderstanding brands them as criminals. Given only a day to find the leader’s missing stone, their own falls into her hands. Given the choice between doing the right thing and getting a sweet 1:1 figure of Favaro, the leader of the Otaku mecca does pretty much what you’d expect.


Your Lie In April Episode 14

Kaori is in the hospital again, and Kousei is incredulous of her reasons why. Thinking about his renewed future as a pianist, Kousei decides he will join a musician’s academy. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is challenged about her commitment towards her boyfriend. Learning of Kousei’s decision, she is overcome with emotion.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 15

Shinichi starts to track Parasytes, eventually finding one of their feeding grounds. After successfully defeating another Parasyte, he starts to feel overconfident about his abilities. The Parasyte Council, finally sick of his interloping, sends a team of Parasytes after him. Intelligent and sociable, this group is a dangerous threat. However, what is most frightening is they all inhabit the same body.


Yurikuma Arashi Episode 2 & 3

Kureha has no memories of the night before. The next day, a funeral is held for Sumika. Another bear shows up, jealous of the President’s infatuation with Kureha. The president tries to fend off Ginko and Lulu, but has a secret of her own. The next day, The Invisible Storm is used to target Kureha. Unable to control herself, the President makes an attack of her own.


The Rolling Girls Episode 2

The gang has been put in mortal peril by Shigyo, but Masami still refuses to acknowledge she is Maccha Green. After slinking away and donning her suit, she manages to stop the train in time. Exploiting this, Shigyo goes on the offensive once again, revealing Masami’s secret once and for all, along with their shared history. With Maccha out of commission after the fight, Nozomi goes off on a quest to go out in her place.


Your Lie In April Episode 13

Kousei goes on to play alone. Meanwhile, his mother gets a bunch of flashbacks that try to make her seem sympathetic. The attempt fails. The show goes on to further cement itself as a bad melodrama as more allusions to Kaori’s death loom in the final minutes.


Your Lie In April Episode 12

Kousei and Kaori are hard at work practicing for the gala, but Kousei is struggling. Still bogged down by memories of his mother, only amplified by playing this particular piece, he still cannot hear the notes. After basically being lied to by Hiroko, Kousei starts to look at playing in a different light. On the day of the recital, Kaori is missing. Despite this, Kousei still intends to play, even if it is alone.