Blue Spring Ride Episode 8

  Recap I’m glad this conflict wasn’t just put to rest immediately. Sure, having their feelings out in the air means they’ll at least understand each other better, but the problems will not end here. If that wasn’t obvious enough, Yuuri going to cry in the bathroom should be a pretty good indicator of how…


Blue Spring Ride Episode 4 and 5

A late arrival by our main pair puts the group on edge. Their varying personalities start to make them even more at odds with each other. Later, Futaba tries to get everyone to work together to help strengthen their solidarity, but once again their stubbornness gets the best of them.


Love Lab Review

Last year, Love Lab took The Glorio Blog by storm. Initially turned off by its lackluster premise, it quickly endeared many of us with its great production values, strong and endearing characters, and top notch gag comedy. I absolutely fell in love with this show, and was excited to hear it was coming overseas. Unfortunately… its carrier was Sentai Filmworks.


Blue Spring Ride Episode 3

After having a frank talk with Kou, she resolves to rebuild her relationships from the ground up, including his. This is helped by the start of a new school year, where Futaba continues to bond with Yuuri. After some prodding by Tanaka-sensei, she decides to be the class rep, and our main group finally gets established.