First Look: Actually, I am…

Asahi Kuromine is really bad at keeping secrets and everyone knows it. The worst kept secret of all is his crush on Youko. He tries to confess his feelings for her, but instead stumbles on to a secret he must keep at all costs.


First Look: Aquarion Logos

We start with a completely inconsequential OVA that ties together a plot line that never really needed tying up, thus wasting everyone’s time and becoming the grossest attempt at series fanservice in recorded history. Later, Aquarion I think? Sure didn’t look like it.


First Look: Classroom Crisis

In the future, gifted students have been gathered as a special tech development wing of a megacorporation. After wasting ridiculous amounts of money trying to rescue their new classmate, it seems changes are in store.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 12

With Reina’s drama over, Kumiko focuses back on herself. Despite her experience, she is finding the high level parts of the piece difficult to master. After being taken out from a particularly tough section, she finds the strength to play in Reina’s indomitable drive. Jel swears it’s a metaphor for lesbianism.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 11

Kaori and Kousaka start practicing vigorously for the new audition. As the results start to seem one-sided, that asshole with the bow tries one last desperate plea to get Reina to throw the competition. With the stress finally getting too much, Reina reaches out to Kumiko for consolation.