Sound! Euphonium Episode 7

Aoi grows more and more distant from the band as exam pressures start to mount. After being pressed by Mr. Taki, she quits, causing the President to question her ability to lead. Elsewhere, Kumiko and the gang learn about the truth of last year’s falling out.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 6

The band receives a big shock when Mr. Taki announces that they will have to audition for parts, y’know, like they’re actually part of a competitive band or something. Most of our girls take it in stride, but Hazuki’s lack of experience compounds on her lack of motivation for playing the Tuba. With only a week until the auditions, the girls try to show her that no part is unimportant when you’re in a band.


Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 6

Leo meets an odd mushroom man named Nej. His distaste towards human’s views on Beyondians leads him to befriend the strange burger lover. After getting put into the hospital again, he meets White’s brother, the King of Despair, but acting differently from before.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 5

The band is on the move, marching to prepare for the upcoming SunFes. At the festival, we get a first taste of their rivals, and the band finally gets a chance to prove itself. Also, more legs than ever before.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 4

The parts are broken up as Mr. Taki starts his tough training regimen. While dissent is high among the lackadaisical band members, others like Reina are quickly backing his attempts to whip the band into shape. When Kumiko vents with Shuichi, this unintentionally brings Reina to her attention. With SunFes coming up, the next ensemble is make or break for the band.


Sound! Euphonium Episode 3

The band starts breaking into parts, but not everyone is taking practice seriously. Their new conductor realizes this, and gives them a harsh ultimatum before giving his assistance.