Your Lie In April Episode 19

Kousei is shown the power that his words have had in giving hope to Kaori. Tsubaki’s devotion to the dork has also paid off, as her studies have landed her at a school near his conservatory. Finally, the time of preliminary auditions has come, and Takeshi comes out fighting with one of Chopin’s most challenging etudes.


Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 20

The police try to keep things in order, but human error makes the situation quickly devolve into martial law. On the hunt for Parasytes, the protection of civilians is a secondary concern. Two groups find Gotou, and his invincibility is once again put to the test.


The Rolling Girls Episode 7

The girls find themselves in the former Imperial Captial, and once again in the thick of a fight between powerful Bests. Their lack of power is painfully noted as the kidnapping of a Best sees them quickly marginalized. However their luck may change, as the people of Kyoto treat Moonlight Stones as cursed objects, and they are told a stockpile might be lying somewhere in the area.


Your Lie In April Episode 18

Kousei continues to be kinda a jerk. His performance with Nagi rekindles the rivalry in Takeshi’s heart, and an open challenge is given to him for the next big piano competition. Nagi’s performance helps her understand her feelings, and Kousei goes to Kaori to finally make some demands of his own.


The Rolling Girls Episode 6

Our girls continue to try and unite the towns, but tensions are about to burst. After a heart to heart, the captains agree to a race which will place new guardian statues on the country’s castle. While the Mie vice-captain plans to steal glory for his own, Captain Tomoki gets back into the game and remembers his love of the sport.