In the distant future, attempts to terraform Mars have caused the creation of a race of sentient cockroaches. Akari Hizamaru is an underground fighter with special abilities. After he learns his childhood love had finally succumbed to an alien disease, he decides to join a group of humans modified to take on the aliens. Oh, by the way, the aliens look like early twentieth century racist caricatures. So yeah…


Blue Spring Ride Episode 12 and Final Thoughts

Kou finally starts to try and reconcile his self loathing after talking with Futaba. After finally sitting down with his family, he has a heart to heart with his brother and father. Back at school, midterms are almost upon the crew, and Kou actually wants to study. As summer begins, plot threads old and new get thrown back into the mix.


Blue Spring Ride Episode 11

Kou recalls the heartbreaking story of how he lost his mother, and how he blamed himself for not spending enough time with her before it was too late. Knowing his hardships, Futaba goes out to find him to help bring him up from his despair and self loathing.


Blue Spring Ride Episode 8

  Recap I’m glad this conflict wasn’t just put to rest immediately. Sure, having their feelings out in the air means they’ll at least understand each other better, but the problems will not end here. If that wasn’t obvious enough, Yuuri going to cry in the bathroom should be a pretty good indicator of how…


Blue Spring Ride Episode 4 and 5

A late arrival by our main pair puts the group on edge. Their varying personalities start to make them even more at odds with each other. Later, Futaba tries to get everyone to work together to help strengthen their solidarity, but once again their stubbornness gets the best of them.