Summer 2012 Anime First Impressions: Campione!

Novel Adaptation by Diomedea
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

On a trip to Italy to deliver a mysterious stone tablet, a young man stumbles into a world of warring gods, pretty girls, and presumably underage drinking.

Jel’s Thoughts
This has all the trappings of a Boy Meets Pretty Magical Girl Harem Show but is saved by some entertaining action scenes, potentially interesting lore, and a protagonist that manages to stay above the totally useless line. Basically it felt like the second coming of A Certain Magical Index, although sadly not anywhere near as insane. Whether or not a series that is self described as a “harem comedy” can stay this much fun remains to be seen.

Verdict? Ciao Bella 
The first episode of Campione! was pretty solid and I like the main heroine so far, but I’m worried about where the show goes from here. I’m going to duck out before the real Harem Hijinks start setting in.

Lifesong’s Thoughts
Ancient gods are roaming about kicking ass and no one told me about it? There is a very Nasu-esque vibe about this anime. I’m a little worried that it might turn into a bunch of stupid ecchi antics as things go on but this first episode really pulled me in. The heroine is a bit annoying but not a total bitch, I like her more than Saber at any rate.

Verdict? God Killer 
Literally, this MC who didn’t know anything about magic just a day ago witnesses two ancient gods going at it and teams up with one, steals the others power and kick him in the balls with it and goes off to become a god slayer? I’m in, I am so in. Let us hope this awesome premise can keep up with the first episode.

Irothtin’s Thoughts
Dude meets pretty girl, dude gets magic powers, pretty girl kisses him to unlock his powers. And he kills a god or something. They will probably end up trapezing around the world fighting all the incidental gods that nobody actually remembers from History class.

Verdict? Not Bad
If you’re familiar with Fate/Stay Night and such, this show has a similar vibe. It does however have a rather generic setup and bland animation – I’d say at least give the first episode a shot and see what you think.

Marlin’s Thoughts
This show is delightfully promising at first glance. A boy holds the keys to a secret power that allows him to fight gods. Not just any gods, but all the pantheons of ancient lore. We’ve already seen Phoenicians and Zoroastrians, so I would be very excited to see what else they decide to bring to the table. However, from the synopsis I’ve seen and the promo video, it looks like this is more going to be some kind of battle harem show. Quite unfortunate

Verdict? Divine Premise, Questionable Execution 
I’ll have to at least give it a few more episodes before my fears can be validated, but I just have a bad feeling about this show.

Timmy’s Thoughts Got to admit, the god killer part of the premise on this one is pretty catchy and natural disasters actually being rogue gods in disguise is a pretty neat idea. It is the other part of the premise that has me concerned.

Verdict? Proceed With Caution 
Hopefully this one will keep on what it is currently doing but the ‘harem love comedy’ part of the description has me wondering. Not to mention the fanservice has the potental to get a bit out of hand. I plan to withold jugement for a few episodes and see if the show has yet to display its true colors. Also, the drunk card has been played and it is funny the first time but not the tenth time. You sure as hell better remember that Campione!

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