Total Eclipse Episode 7


Recap: Yuuya, Yui and Cryska awkwardly try to understand each other better as they remain stranded on the island. They are rescued before morning and Yui and Cryska must face the “consequences” of their actions.

Jel’s Thoughts: I don’t know why I didn’t notice before, but Cryska’s bikini has a hammer and sickle on the left breast. See kids, Communism is fun AND sexy! That is about the most substantial thing I took away from this episode as any attempt to establish some connection between these characters quickly fizzles in the sands of its contrived setting. I suppose Yui and Cryska learn why Yuuya hates Japan but why that would endear him to them even more is completely lost on me.


Speaking of girls endearing themselves, why are Yui and Cryska so confused about being attracted to someone? Aren’t they supposed to be in their twenties? I know there’s the whole global war thing that may have given them a different perspective, but I’d think they’d know what it feels like to have a crush on a boy. Part of the reason I was interested in Total Eclipse in the first place is the fact that it dealt with a cast older than high school age. I guess that was my mistake for thinking that meant we’d get more mature characters and relationships.

The final thing that drove me crazy was the “punishment” chosen for the girls. I’m no super feminist or anything and I have a pretty high tolerance for fan service, but the final scene just creeped me out. For starters, why were just the girls punished and not Yuuya? Didn’t he share equal blame? The fact they (and in turn, the intended audience) were literally taking pleasure from Yui’s embarrassment as she was having pictures taken of her 90% naked body… that just didn’t set well with me. Nothing hotter than sexual harassment, right? The whole thing served no other purpose than to try and titillate the audience, and I’m starting feel that way about the series as a whole.


7 thoughts on “Total Eclipse Episode 7

  1. This episode seemed kinda dull if anything,fanservice mainly for sure -after all being stuck in swimsuits for the past 2 episodes for Yui and Cryska….Here’s hoping they get to an actual storyplot for the next episode.

    I’d hate to see this series fall apart before the 10th episode.

    • I hope so too. I still think there’s potential here, but the episodes are just flying by and not much to show for it yet.

  2. Too bad you didn’t use “DAT ASS” in the captions for the images. lol for some reason had to point that out there.

  3. Most VN players I’ve talked to want to forget Total Eclipse ever existed. I mostly just want to forget the existence of the last two episodes (despite how hot the girls are).

  4. I keep thinking something of value must happen with this series at some point… The VN’s are popular right? Maybe I should just read those…

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