Campione! Episode 13 and Final Impressions

Samurai Style

Recap: Metis is preparing to swallow the heavens, and Godou is humanity’s last hope in stopping her plan.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Erica and Godou have returned from the astral plane, summoned back to the world of the living to face off against Metis. Erica still super charged by Godou’s avatar of the youth, holds Metis off while Godou runs off with Athena, and recharges the avatar’s he used up back in the Astral plane.

Godou runs off on his own with a memory stripped Athena; Godou makes a point out of how Athena is one of his “Nakama”, and questions what it means to be a god as the powerless Athena asks about herself.

Even gods have to use a kiss to affect the body of another god.

Even gods have to use a kiss to affect the body of another god.

Metis shows up, and Godou makes his final stand against her, using just about every power he has; however, it is to no avail against the vastly stronger Metis.

Athena is absorb by Metis after Godou’s avatar of the stallion fails to stop her. Just as it seems all hope is lost Yuri shows up and infuses Godou’s body with knowledge which allows him to form his golden sword, and use spell words to fight back against the now even more powerful Metis. The rest of the girls also kiss Godou, and he manages to separate Athena from Metis.

As awesome as Erica is, Liliana will always be my favorite.

As awesome as Erica is, Liliana will always be my favorite.

Metis still undefeated makes a mad rush for Athena’s unconscious body. Godou also rushes to reach Athena; however, before either of them reach her she wakes up and Godou recives one final kiss, and a blessing from Athena. Godou’s golden sword becomes a giant golden scythe, and with Athena in his arms Godou put’s an end to Metis.

Watching Erica hold her own against a god was really neat, and I sense a trend here. Maybe Godou will make a habit of super charging his girls so that they can fight along side him? I would be totally okay with that. The whole “divine protection” thing is cheesy sure, but it works pretty well in the context of this story.

Sequel please!

Sequel please!

Just before the credits roll we see a glimpse of what I imagine must be John Pluto Smith: America’s Campione. Teasing us with a season two that I can only hope this anime was popular enough to warrant.

Marlin’s Thoughts: As in all episodes, the only way to defeat the big bad is to have some sloppy makeouts. I do wish they made Athena’s body look a little older though, it’s kinda awkward watching the self-makeout and the subsequent God-Campione makeout when Athena looks like she’s 10. As with Lifesong, I really loved this show and if there’s talks of more to come then I would wholly welcome it. The American Campione better not be cheesy as fuck though, it seems like that always happens to Americans in shows not actually set there.

Ena just kind of came out of nowehere, but she is a full fledged harem member now.

Ena just kind of came out of nowehere, but she is a full fledged harem member now.

Lifesong’s Final Impressions: Campione! is one of the most enjoyable anime I have watched in years. Now bear with me; I didn’t say it was one of the best, just one of the most fun. I know there has been a lot of raging and face-palming over the harem antics, and of course “THAT” scene from last episode; however, it’s not every day that I find myself falling for a harem cast, and Campione! pulled that off that.

I try to keep up on the opinions of as many other bloggers as I can for the shows I am really enjoying, and it seems like I liked this one quite a bit more than much of the western anime blog crowd has; perhaps because I’ve been reading the books my level of forgiveness is higher than it is for some.

In the end everyone wins; everyone aside from Shizuka anyway.

In the end everyone wins; everyone aside from Shizuka anyway.

On the topic of the kissing-magic I’ll say this: I appreciate how consistent it all is. I am not about to deny how silly it all it, but I don’t find myself face-palming at it the way so many others seem to be. You have to kiss Godou to use magic on him so they just up and do it. Perhaps because the theme never betrayed itself I am okay with the way it has been used as a storytelling mechanic. I even felt the way magical energy is transferred appropriate for the series, ridiculous as it was.

Camipone! has been a crazy ride full of both mythology and harem antics; I’m sad to see it come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed this show, and even managed to find charm it’s quirks. I’ve been completely hooked with this series. Your milage may vary, but for me I will be crossing my fingers and hoping for a second season.

Who needs knowledge when you have love?

Who needs knowledge when you have love?

Marlin’s Final Impressions: After about the fourth episode, I had coined a nickname for this show, Makeouts: The Anime. It’s honestly the most apt anyone could give it, yet it does betray its charm. It’s not like your typical ecchi show, where fanservice is derived from the right shot of some T+A. Instead, I often aliked it to the dime romance novels you’d see Fabio-like men on. It was the kind of fanservice where you saw character relationships develop and feelings grow, until the kiss becomes the ultimate payoff. In a way it is incredibly smutty because of how much these character’s feelings are expressed in the constant makeout sessions, but in a way its better than normal fanservice because it actually makes us care about these characters before we get to that point.

The take on mythology in this show is really fascinating, and honestly if the makeouts weren’t such a prominent part of the show I think it would still stand on the legs of its fantastic spinning of different pantheons and its takes on their mythology. For people who loved to study these kinds of things like myself, it was fun to see how it twisted the backstories and origins of gods in order to link them and turn them into something fresh. For those uninitiated, it still contains some fantastic action based on beings familiar and unfamiliar. While you could tell the show’s light novel origins by its exposition heavy takedown scenes, they never felt too stale or unexciting. The special effects really helped to give God, Goudou, or Campione  a real sense of power.

In the end, like Lifesong, I wouldn’t say Campione was the best show of this season, but it just had so much charm and drive that I couldn’t help coming back to it each week, and if that’s not a sign of its quality I don’t know what is.

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