First Look: Himouto! Umaru-chan


Manga Adaptation by Dogakobo
Streaming on CrunchyrollWednesdays 3:00 pm


Umaru is a beautiful high school student who is the best at everything and adored by everyone. When she gets home however, she transforms into a lazy, obnoxious brat that takes advantage of her older brother’s kindness with zero repercussions.

Jel’s verdict: Dogakobo, You Dead

In a season with a few strong contenders, this silly little series by a studio we’ve come to like over the past few years is possibly the worst show of the summer. The premise of Umaru being cool and popular in school but being a cute little nerd at home could have been funny or endearing taken from the right angle, like if it just happened naturally and there was nothing she could do about it. But to have her transform into a petulant child while actively maintaining the myth to her brother’s detriment? It’s just downright evil and incredibly frustrating to watch. The bulk of the episode involves Umaru throwing loud temper tantrums until her brother finally caves in and gives her what she wants. I was expecting there would be some kind of poetic justice where she has to learn that she can’t behave like that, but NOPE. Instead, her actions continue to be rewarded as everyone loves her and thinks her brother is a creep. They even have the balls to try to make us sympathize with her because she wanted to play video games with her brother. I can’t remember the last time watching an anime left me feeling this irritated. Avoid this at all costs and, Dogakobo, I swear to god you owe us a second season of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun after this.


Iro’s verdict: Dogakobo is dooooooooooooooomed

I figured another adaptation would be good for Dogakobo after the shitshow that was Plastic Memories, but it turns out that Himouto was one of the worst things I watched this season. The same gag is drawn out over an entire episode, making it unfunny, dull, and tiresome. Worse, said gag is the entire premise of the show. Avoid.

Marlin’s verdict: The Second Third Worst Thing I’ve Watched All Season

Yes, the amount of terrible shows this season has been piling up is so extreme that I had to change that ranking twice. That doesn’t mean that this show isn’t that bad though, no. Don’t you dare think that. That would be straight-up lying to yourself. This show is the worst of the three in terms of straight up characterization. Some other aspects at least have some sense of execution, but it’s all for naught in light of the absolutely undefendable star character, the “Himouto”, a word that should honestly be banned from all languages forever for the crimes this show has willingly placed upon its audience. I think this also made me remember Angelica from the Rugrats, which man is a reference I have not thought about in a long time. Angelica is not a singular case, but there is this strange fascination in fiction to have characters who are absolute bitches but somehow get away with everything by lying and manipulation. It’s such a frustrating concept to even think about that I can’t fathom why anyone would want to ever write it as the central plot of their story, but that’s anime for you, finding out how to make things worse in whatever manner possible.

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