First Look: God Eater


Alternative titles: UFOtable finally does something not related to Type-Moon
Game Adaptation by UFOtable
Streaming on Daisuki


Humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by monsters called Aragami. The only way to fight them is with certain individuals called “God Eaters”, who are able to use Aragami DNA in oversized anime weapons called “God Arcs”.

Iro’s verdict: Solid but Soulless

Based on the twenty minutes of God Eater I played once, this seems like an adequate adaptation of the franchise. All the characters are generic, particularly the anime-original protagonist, but I can only assume that’s how they all are in the game and that’s how fans like it. Most bizarre, however, is the show’s aesthetic: UFOtable is known for using quite a bit of CG, but this time around it looks like they did everything in 3D and then rotoscoped over it with 2D, making everything look like a cel-shaded game cutscene. Perhaps they were trying for a unified look, seeing as the Aragami are indeed CG, but it’s rather jarring. If I cared more about the franchise, I’d probably watch more, but the premiere hasn’t hooked me enough to bother with even the second episode. Maybe next time, UFOtable.


Jel’s verdict: Hungry for a Better Plot

I feel like UFOtable got this project and thought “welp, we got this dumb game adaptation we have to do, let’s experiment” and essentially turned it into a tech demo. By far the most notable thing about God Eater is the art style. I can’t tell what they actually did but the best I can describe it is like they made it all in CG then painted over it. The results are hit and miss. Obviously it gives them a lot more freedom in the action scenes, which not surprisingly are the highlight of the episode. But then during the story bits the animation style kind of feels like you are watching a game cut scene. Maybe that’s appropriate given the source material, but it feels weird. It doesn’t help that the story itself is basically Attack on Titan with more giant anime gun swords, which is to say you’ll probably be sticking around for the action more than the plot. I do appreciate the main guy didn’t just walk in and become Anime Jesus and may actually have to work to be the best, but otherwise it seems like standard post-apocalyptic/playing-with-god themes going on. I actually might watch a bit more just for the spectacle of it all, but I wasn’t particularly blown away by the first episode.



One thought on “First Look: God Eater

  1. They should make another God eater anime instead of 12 episodes like the first make it 26 episodes make it worthwhile for the fans
    uncomfortable is behind the production of the anime adaptation and the games’ animated sequences for God Eater so yea animation is good.

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