First Look: Macross ∆


Alternative titles: Macross Delta, This Post Title Will be the First and Only Time I Use “∆”
Anime Original by Satelight/Studio Nue
Simulcast will NEVER HAPPEN (thanks Harmony Gold)


About 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier, a group of idols and valkyrie pilots fight to control the spread of Vars Syndrome – an ailment that makes people go mad but can be cured with magic singing. Maybe. There’s also another squad of fighters that seem to be bad guys? Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on.

Jel’s verdict: Symphogeared

The old man Macross fan in me should hate this with every fiber of my being. Putting the expanded emphasis on an idol group aside, the injection of heavier fantasy elements and some straight up Magical Girl transformations made me cringe. Macross had never been as deathly serious as some other classic mecha series, but it was always somewhat grounded in reality. The influence of Symphogear, Satelight’s notoriously bonkers magical girl mecha idol show, is palpable, and any notion of realism goes out the window somewhere between the choreographed Valkyrie fighter dancing and the fact that we’re already resorting to naked space floating in episode 1.


Fortunately, I am still quite young at heart and I think they won me over by the time the episode ended. The main pair of Hayate and Frejya seem to have the likeablity needed to be the emotional center of all the colorful madness, which will be sorely needed going forward. My biggest concern is that there is way too many characters in this cast, and trying to give them all screen time in the first episode was probably a mistake. So having a focal point to come back to would help tremendously. Whether or not Delta can successfully juggle this mess remains to be seen, but I’m on board for more. At the very least the soundtrack seems solid so far, which is much more important than usual considering how important music is to the plot.


Iro’s verdict: Incoherent

Weren’t there supposed to be giant robots in this? Okay, there were, but they were all mediocre CG and nostalgia bait. The only familiarity I have with Macross is the Do You Remember Love? film, and even I recognized the Zentradi pod ship things. It’s a real pity that all the robots look so bad, because the 2D parts of the show look pretty decent. The plot is all over the place though, with the group of idol magical girls making me check halfway through that I hadn’t accidentally turned on Symphogear. Throw that in with the show attempting to introduce two entirely separate squads of pilots simultaneously during a big dogfight, and it was just an incomprehensible whirlwind of them trying way too hard. All that said, this wasn’t terrible, and I’m willing to give it at least a couple more episodes.

2 thoughts on “First Look: Macross ∆

  1. It certainly was a confusing opening, but still seems to have some potential. I hope Hayate and Frejya can make the show because there are way to many characters at this early stage.

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