The Roundup: Fall 2017 Volume 8

In this week’s installment…

A bit of a condensed Roundup this week as we rapidly approach the end of the season and prepare for our annual year end posts. But before we get to A Very GLORIO 2017, there’s still a lot of good anime going on. Check it out.

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Mr. Osomatsu
Episode 10: “Karamatsu and Brother”

Mondays 1:35 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: Short segments this week but still a solid episode. Karamatsu-centric bits are probably my second favorite after Jyushi, and this one was pretty good. I dont know if he intentionally set up Choro the way he did but it sure does look that way. Totoko at the office brought back flashbacks of a terrible former co-worker that I begged my boss not to hire but he did anyway. Yes, people can be that bad at their job. The best of the three segments this week as the last one, bringing us back to the “meta” versions of the Matsunos who are super rich and famous after the success of season 1. It wasn’t as good as the first episode, but just weird and self deprecating enough to be good.

Mr. Osomatsu – I’m still freaked out by the Girlymatsu cameos

March Comes In Like a Lion
Episode 30: “Chapter 60 Midday Moon / Chapter 61 Adventurers”

Saturdays 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: So here I am, going on and on about how Rei needs to learn his lesson and that the sisters would never take his money and then just like that, he figures it out. I’m glad they went this route rather than some dramatic, embarrassing scene where he learns the hard way. It’s a much more natural solution and shows how much he has grown. Interesting that the second half is about Nikaido. He’s in the opposite situation financially but still struggling. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it reinforces the idea that money can’t solve all your problems. As for Nikaido himself, I always liked the guy and this episode only made me like him more. His determination and the way he supports Rei is extremely endearing. Get well soon, buddy.


Bed Bath & Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond
Episode 9: “Desperate Fight In the Macro Zone, Part 2”

Saturdays 3:10 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Iro: The biggest failing of Season 2 here is that it’s forced to be a Season 2, instead of being rolled up in the throughline of Season 1. It’s all been filler (which is fine, I love me some good filler), and so in a way the entire season has felt sort of directionless. Which, again, isn’t necessarily bad, but definitely serves to highlight how this show could have been better as just a single two-cour thing with all of these episodes woven back in where they belonged.

As for the actual two-parter… eh. I’m glad to see that Leo has other friends, but it seems to me that the end goal of the episode plotline was fundamentally the same as the burger episode in Season 1. That is, mostly to show that Leo was a good guy who inspired the goodness in others. But despite having twice as much screentime, Riel’s story has about half as much emotional punch as Nej’s did. There are a few great gags though, including the Chain Gang drinking the night away and the citizens of Hellsalem’s Lot drinking and making bets on which giant creature trampling their city is going to win in a fight. So, overall, not the greatest pair of episodes, but a fun romp nonetheless. Keep em coming, BBB.

Anime-gataris – Top 10 Anime Betrayals


Episode 9: “The Anime Club: Forever Snobs”

Sundays 10:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: This episode was kind of amazing. Watching the school get corrupted by anime was hilarious and almost sinister. I nearly did a spit take when sporty fan service girl (I can’t remember her name) strapped on the pink Gundam boots. The way they built up Minoa’s creeping doubts worked really well to set us up the Top 10 Anime Betrayals ending, which I would have never seen coming before this episode. So maybe there is such a thing as too much anime? I guess we’ll have to see how things work out next week. Also, I may need to steal from the episode title and change our name to “The Glorio Blog: Forever Snobs”.

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