The GLORIO Chat Episode 112: Evangeline F. Kimishima

episode 112 header

We catch up on Kamen Rider and Digimon, talk about all the shows putting the “romance” in romantic comedy, and declare Birdie Wing the greatest television show of all time.

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Show Notes

2:41 Kamen Rider Revice

12:14 Digimon Ghost Game

16:52 Kyoukai Senki

25:40 Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

38:55 Dance Dance Danseur

47:56 Tiger & Bunny 2

56:47 Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story

1:10:49 Aharen-san Is Indecipherable

1:18:52 Ya Boy Kongming!

1:32:42 Kaguya-sama: Love is War -Ultra Romantic-

1:50:58 Spy x Family


6 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 112: Evangeline F. Kimishima

  1. Re: Dance, Dance, Danseur – I think they made it clear why Oikawa chose to give the scholarship to Junpei, hell, why she took him on in the first place. She absolutely recognized his talent right away, she just hated his attitude and the way he danced. Seeing that he’s actually willing to listen and put in the effort to learn and do ballet the way she prefers to, and seeing how Luou is the only one better than him and Luou is not fit to be a pro dancer (according to her), her decision is obvious.

    Also, I understand how Junpei is obnoxious, but the thing is, he IS supposed to be. This is one of those things where a show showing a character being a dick without being all “don’t do this kids, this is bad!” doesn’t necessarily mean endorsing being a dick. Junpei is an obnoxious, hormonal, emotional teenager, and he’s annoying as obnoxious, hormonal, emotional teenagers tend to be. The thing with these characters is their growth, and Junpei has already demonstrated being capable of that. But that doesn’t mean he’s above messing up again and again, except he actually tends to learn from his mistakes, eventually. I’m not saying everyone should be happy to watch a story about a character like this, but also I don’t think this is objectively wrong character writing or anything even close to that. Unsympathetic character =/= badly written character.

    Btw, you’re complaining about no consequences – there’s absolutely going to be consequences and payoffs, unfortunately I don’t think the anime is going to be able to cover most them, since a lot of it comes into play later in the story. Also no spoilers as to the romantic relationships but if by “that girl” whom you think Junpei is going to destroy you mean Natsuki, weeeeelll. (If you mean Miyako, that’s probably going to be resolved in the finale, although that resolution will probably make people feel angry, because the most important aspects of it won’t be covered in the show. Why did they decide to adapt this manga as a one cour anime, I’ll never understand.)

    • I am concerned they are running out of time, to the point where I’m almost expecting a season 2 announcement at the end.

      • I hope there will be one, but honestly I’m not expecting it. :/ It’s one of those cases where it’s possible to fashion a point of closure (kind of like with Beastars, I guess these are written this way deliberately, in case the manga gets axed) so I feel the anime, that seems to have set itself up by highlighting the love triangle in its marketing and whatnot, will handle it as an actual closure. Which would be really chafing because while technically it does work as a *point* of closure, as an actual closure it’s unsatisfying at best… and it will likely feel people angry re: the relationship aspect, or even some characters’ career choices, not knowing how they develop in the future.

  2. So what are the chances that in the final episode Eve has to choose between staying on a dying Earth with her mom-girlfriend and ascending to golf godhood in order to defend the planet with a celestial pitch-and-putt?

  3. Those guys in Kaguya are the randos from the Ramen Queen episode where they do serious commentary on Chika’s ramen eating skill. I had to look it up myself, season 1 episode 11.

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