First Look: Too Cute Crisis

too cute 01

Alternative title(s): Kawaisugi Crisis
Manga Adaptation by SynergySP
Streaming on HIDIVE


Liza Luna and her crew of alien researchers arrive at Earth, ready to destroy it when they see its underdeveloped civiliation. However, after stumbling upon a cat cafe, Liza decides to delay the apocalypse to investigate Earth’s cute creatures.

too cute 02

Jel’s verdict: Emergency Joke Shortage

I love cats, and I love dumb anime comedies. Unfortunately, that was not enough to carry this episode. This is the type of comedy that has exactly one joke, and they have no other choice but to beat that joke mercilessly into the ground until there’s not a speck of humor left. Basically, Liza sees a cute animal, yells “EEEHHHHHHH?!?!?” and freaks out for a bit, then it’s on to the next cute animal. Rinse and repeat.

The thing is, I think there is room for a wider variety of humor. For example, there is one good joke in which Liza instantly calls down an oribital strike on a couple that starved and abandoned their cat. Playing up her dangerous science powers and her lack of hesitation to use them could be a funny, unique angle. But it doesn’t come up enough, at least not in this episode.

So while I was rooting hard for this one, and it’s not bad per se, I don’t feel like it’s doing enough to keep me interested. Maybe if they play more into Liza’s powers, or make better use of the cast, it could be alright. Sadly, I just don’t see that happening.

too cute 03

2 thoughts on “First Look: Too Cute Crisis

  1. I really love cute anime cats, so I think I’ll watch a few more episodes to see if this one turns around and starts having more variety in the comedy. But I probably won’t watch more than a one of two more episodes if the story stays the same. I’m really hoping that her space ship mates will get curious and come down to the planet too, maybe that will add more interest to the anime?

    • Yeah I was also thinking there are some weird looking people on the ship that might make things more interesting, but we’ll see.

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