My Little Monster Volume 7

Shizuku and Haru start spending more time with each other, but things are still a little awkward after Shizuku’s birthday. After spending some time apart, spring begins and that means a shakeup in the school order! Placed away from the main group, Haru has to adapt to his new environment, and an awkward scenario with Oshima.

My Little Monster Volume 6

After the ski party, Sasayan and Natsume start to fight. Lack of maturity on both sides prevents the two from patching things up. Later, it turns out that Shizuku’s birthday is Valentine’s Day. This gives a pretty adorable excuse for all the girls to get together and make chocolate, while also letting Haru do something for Shizuku.

My Little Monster Volume 5

Finally sick of waiting for a second season, Marlin has decided to catch up on the manga as it’s being released in America. Starting with where the anime ends, Volume 5 picks up on the drama caused by Natsume’s confession, as well as more insight into Haru’s checkered past. Keep an eye out for volumes 6 and 7 later this month!

My Little Monster Episode 12

Recap: Shizuku settles things down by bribing Haru. Meanwhile, Natsume struggles with her feelings for Mi-san, and whether she really wants Shizuku and Haru to get together in the first place.

My Little Monster Episode 11

With Yamaken coming into his feelings and Shizuku feeling betrayed, the pair seem to grow apart again. Haru’s past is explored, and while it explains his irrational fears, it does not absolve him of his petulant behavior.

My Little Monster Episode 10

Haru being Haru, the threat of Yamaken instills fear in losing Shizuku instead of the confidence to ensure she remains by his side. Just as Shizuku is about to open up to him again, Haru’s jealousy tries to override her free will, only serving to driver her away once again.

My Little Monster Episode 9

More time has passed and yet the relationship hasn’t moved forward. Family problems shed light on how Shizuku became the way she did. After another talk with Yamaken, it looks like his momentary attraction has become a full-scale crush. Will this be the fire that finally gets Haru to take action in this relationship?

My Little Monster Episode 8

It’s the culture fest and everyone’s dressed up. With Haru’s old friends stopping by for some While the highlight of the episode is supposed to be on Shizuku coming to grips with her conflicted feelings, the real issue that stuck out was Haru’s continued violence.

My Little Monster Episode 7

Haru seems to finally have a grip on his feelings, only to have Shizuku drift away from him in favor of her studies. Being the socially deficient guy he is, he starts creeping on her, driving them further apart. However, after another chat on the long staircase home, a little blood rushes to her cheeks once again.

My Little Monster Episode 6

Class Rep Oshima is quickly integrated into the plot as Haru confronts her after her advice fails to win him a class rep nomination of his own. At the same time, Shizuku’s test scores are dropping, which makes her question where her real priorities should lie. Her feelings culminate into the worst date scene in history.

My Little Monster Episode 5

Despite Haru’s stubbornness, Shizuku wants to learn more about his past and get to understand him better. On the way to their date, Yuzan shows up and lays some knowledge on our heroine.

My Little Monster Episode 4

After some advice from Shizuku, Haru becomes the most popular boy in school. Just as she starts to get jealous, Haru lashes out again in defense of a girl, only to alienate his classmates and cause more problems. After an Asako-fanservice filled summer, my prediction rings true as the gang run into Haru’s older brother Yuzan. While their meeting is amiable, Haru’s avoidance of him still raises questions to his true nature.

My Little Monster Episode 3

Recap: Shizuku manages to somewhat ruin my mood by doubting her feelings. Haru’s strange reaction doesn’t help matters, either. Before I was consumed by inconsolable rage, a pretty funny chicken coop segment takes my mind off of perceived betrayal, only to have my fears be relieved by another fantastic scene. However, it looks like just…

My Little Monster Episode 2

After Haru up and plants one on Shizuku and acts like nothing happened, the poor girl starts to act funny whenever he’s around. Snapping her out of it with a fantastic dumpster-fall is the ditzy Asako, desperately wanting help with her tests. Through her interactions with the troublesome two, Shizuku starts to realize the value of friendship and with Haru, maybe even somethi- HNNNNNNNNNG… sorry I couldn’t hold that in any longer. This episode was great.

First Impressions: My Little Monster

After bringing worksheets for a suspended classmate, Ice Queen Shizuku Mizutani finds herself entwined in the life of delinquent genius Haru Yoshida. As they come to understand each other, a strange friendship and an unlikely romance grows.

First Look: Interviews with Monster Girls

After being the stuff of legends for centuries, demi-humans are on the long and arduous path towards integration in human society. Dedicated to distinguish truth from myth, biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi would love to write his PhD on these “demis”, but has never met one in real life. That all changes when his new colleague outs herself as a succubus and one of his students introduces him to a girl without a head.

First Look: Myriad Colors: Phantom World

After a mysterious incident, human brains functions have been altered, allowing anyone to see the once-invisible phantoms running amok. Haruhiko and Mai, two students at the prestigious Hosea Academy, have teamed up to seal dangerous Phantoms and teach children about the advantages of not wearing a bra.