The Giga Ero-Kawaii Definitive Fan Fiction Awards

All yall bitches like fanfics rite?? You’re not a TRUE OTAKU FAN unless you read all the fanfics and doujinshi of all your favorite japanimations and magmas. But of course we’re all true otaku fanz so we read all the fanficitons that people write.s. Especially for our favoirtes how of all time, the best anime ever…

From the New World Episode 2

After a flashback to 500 years before the story, Saki’s life in the unified class continues as her group compete in the psychically powered sport of Carryball. Afterwards, they begin preparations for s seven day camping trip that will take them outside of the village.

First Impressions: Say ‘I Love You’

Manga adaptation of Sukitte Ii na yo by ZEXCS Currently unlicensed. Premise: After her friends betrayed her in a childhood incident, Mei Tachibana has spent most of her life as a silent loner, doing her best to interact with people as little as possible. However, that changes when the most popular boy in school takes an unexpected…

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 14

Recap: Ao’s battle with Truth reaches a conclusion, but not before an important revelation comes to light. In the meantime, Naru experiences a vision concerning the true nature of the Scub Coral. Both affected by what they have discovered, the two children reunite in search of answers.