Who is GLORIO?


Job Class: Warden of the Asylum

  • Graphic Wizardry: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Aggressive Management: ✔
  • Controller: Qanba Real Arcade Fighting Stick Q4 (3 in 1)

What kind of anime do you like?
Dumb comedies with heart, snarky romance, artsy symbolic thinkers

What are some of your favorites?
SDF Macross, the Gainax classics, more recently the -monogatari series, Nichijou and Penguindrum.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
I love classic RPGs, from the glory days of Squaresoft to present day Persona. I also really enjoy Bullet Hell Shooters from companies like Cave as well as indie stuff like Touhou. I do some light figure collecting, mostly nendoroids and figmas. I may even appreciate some vocaloid, but that’s between you and me.

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Job Class(es): Incoherent Podcaster, Toy Pusher, Rubber Suit Expert

  • Verbosity: Extreme
  • Tea: Yes please
  • Cyclone: Joker

What kind of anime do you like?
Epic, sweeping adventures, surreal arthouse pieces, action shows with plenty of heart. The more out of this world and fantastical, the better. I love ambitious, brave and thoughtful shows, and those that dare to be different.

What are some of your favorites?
Gurren Lagann is an all time high few can match. But Eureka Seven, Mawaru Penguindrum, FLCL and GaoGaiGar all come close. For softer or funnier moments, Cardcaptor Sakura and Azumanga Daioh are timeless classics. Porco Rosso is one of the greatest movies ever to emerge from Japan, as is Only Yesterday.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
As the blog’s resident fan of tokusatsu, I’m very much into men in rubber suits beating up other men in rubber suits while everything behind them explodes. I also maintain an interest in Japanese videogames, though probably not quite as in-depth as some of the others. And I have a collection of anime figures that’s way too large for my own good.

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Job Class: Director of the Random Manga Theatre, Master of Segues, Literary Snob

  • Fiction Writing: B++
  • Noble Phantasm: GLORIO Skype Chatroom, Anti-Army, Rank EX
  • When I Was Your Age: We watched in 240p and liked it you damn rabblerousers

What kind of anime do you like?
I tend to gravitate towards a good urban fantasy, but most things with strong worldbuilding and characters are right up my alley.

What are some of your favorites?
I’m known around here as the Type-Moon guy (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai), and I’m also a fan of Ryohgo Narita’s works (Baccano!, Durarara!!). When given a chance I will gush for hours about The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. Otherwise, classic mecha like Gunbuster and Gurren Lagann never fail to entertain.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
I grew up on the JRPG greats like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, starting me on a lifelong obsession with the genre (and most recently, Persona). As mentioned, I do my best to keep up with Type-Moon, whatever their newest venture be. I have a passing interest in light novels.

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Job Class: Jukebox Hero

  • Indie cred: 96.8%
  • ESRB Rating: M for Meticulous Monomania
  • Anime Girl I Would Take To The Prom: Yuno Gasai, she’d kill everyone and I would have a reason to go back home

What kind of anime do you like?
I get this question a lot, especially with stress on the “do”. In any case, a good anime to me is one that sparks my imagination and gets me thinking about it when I’m not watching. I appear to have a particular fondness for either fast-paced, twist-heavy shows with quirky characters, or slow, morose, artsy shows, both preferably on the darker side of vibes.

What are some of your favorites?
Puella Magi Madoka Magica has everything I want from a work of fiction. Other favourites are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Death Note, Future Diary, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Ouran High School Host Club, FLCL, Durarara!!, Azumanga Daioh and Wandering Son. Whenever I feel under the weather, you may catch me watching Lucky Star, Hidamari Sketch or Minami-ke.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
I have a love/hate relationship with Japanese games, though I can pick out the cream of the crop by now. I like manga, in the rare case when it actually decides to be worth my precious time, like with The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, The Flowers of Evil, Gunslinger Girl, Yozakura Quartet or Yotsuba&!, of course. You can also find me hanging around tokusatsu, because it is very often some of the most imaginative and plain entertaining stuff a screen can convey. Finally, being a big music lover, I am also very interested in the Japanese — pardon my language — indie music scene. And with that I don’t mean Nico Nico Douga, no.

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Job Class: Expensive Loot Curator

  • Secondary Class: Lvl. 23 Procrastinator
  • Weapon of choice: Banana on a stick
  • Signature move: Super Octo Emerald Homing Spinning Laser Busting Tailwhip.

What kind of anime do you like?
Honestly, I’ll watch pretty much anything. From dumb comedies to serious tearjerker romances and everything in between, if it’s watchable then count me in. Although I do especially love shows that leave you pondering them well after you have watched them.

What are some of your favorites?
Puella Magi Madoka Magica is probably top dog for me. Others off the top of my head include Gunslinger Girl, FLCLTengen Toppa Gurren LagannThe Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaThe Place Promised in Our Early Days,  Black Lagoon, Bacanno, Full Metal Panic, and a whole lot more I am forgetting.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
This is a bit of a tough question for me seeing as I have only been exploring the wonders of Japanese culture for a few years now unlike most of the other guys here. If I had to say something it would be my growing love for anime style artwork with Niθ’s and Tony Taka’s stuff among my favorites. Also Japanese figures I guess if that wasn’t already obvious.

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Job Class: Hot Blooded Mecha Consultant

What kind of anime do you like?
Manly and hot blooded stories! Anime that gets your blood pumping as you watch the heroes struggle to defy all odds! To give a slightly better answer though, I like anime with straightforward and well-executed narratives supported by strong characterization. As an artist, I also love anything with good art direction or animation.

What are some of your favorites?
Predictably, most super robot or anime involving robots in general. Gunbuster/Diebuster, Getter Robo, Eureka 7, FLCL, and Gurren Lagann are my main favorites. From the manga side, I’m quite partial to the likes of Hajime no Ippo, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, Yotsuba&!, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
As much crap as I’ll give them, I still love JRPGs, quirks and all. Whether it’s Chrono Trigger, Persona, Tales, or something else, I find they bring something to the table you can’t find in Western games. That’s not really that weird though…

Uh, I personally think that the pillows’ recent albums are actually pretty good, and while they may not have the nostalgia factor of their FLCL-era work, they’re good enough to stand on their own. Is that weird enough?

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Job Class: Nuclear Enhanced Dinosaur

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Godzilla
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Godzilla
  • Best Picture: Godzilla: Final Wars

What kind of anime do you like?
Romantic comedies, shounen, most Shaft shows and anything that is good fun.

What are some of your favorites?
Clannad: After Story, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Steins;Gate, Katanagatari, Pani Poni Dash and more!

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
Video games are pretty cool. I’m particularly fond of RPGs, though I often spend more time worrying whether or not I have the time to finish them than actually playing them. I’m also a big fan of Japanese music, with Tomoyasu Hotei being a stand-out favourite. I also have many figurines, films and doodads from Japan. Godzilla is my waifu.

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Job Class: Reluctant Bed-Leaver

  • They Revamped the Airport Completely: Now it just looks like a nightclub
  • It’s Partly Cloudy With Trouser Stains: in his copy of inquiring minds
  • He Needs the Extra Parts: he takes the choppers down

What kind of anime do you like?
Generally ones that I am already in a good mood when I start watching.

What are some of your favorites?
Madoka, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Nichijou, Fireball, Mushishi, Serial Experiments Iain, Yuri Seijin Naoko-san.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
Ticket ramen restaurants; mountains; acknowledgement in popular culture that sex exists; bullet trains; an abhorrence of nuclear weapons; the jingles they play at train stations; putting red triangles on windows that are safe to break from the outside; cicadas; the clever way they hide their suicide problems, toxic work culture, xenophobia and sexism under a thin veneer of politeness and universal compliance with the law.

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Job Class: High Priestess

  • Primary Skill: Classiness
  • Weapon of Choice: Decent Taste
  • Voted: Most Likely to Use Her Feminine Wiles For The Forces of Good

What kind of anime do you like?
The kind that doesn’t feature gravity-defying melon-b00bs, squishy moe-blobs, or 100+ episodes. Otherwise, I’m up for pretty much anything.

What are some of your favorites?
Cowboy Bebop, Usagi Drop, Natsume Yuujinchou, FMA Brotherhood, Angel Beats, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuri On Ice, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Durarara.

What other weird things from Japan are you into?
Not so weird, but travel, mostly. I also watch my fair share of live-action Japanese films, and I have a fondness for several J-pop/J-rock acts and following Japanese street fashion trends as well.

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