The Roundup: Spring 2014 Volume 6

The Devil’s Riddle almost jumps the shark, Date a Live and Chaika get beat with the Ugly Stick, and even though Ping Pong has gone on to a better place Nananananana has our back when it comes to animated table tennis action.

The Roundup: Spring 2014 Volume 2

In this week’s episode: Lifesong and Marlin both refuse to drop anything as we unleash our full slate of shows. A certain table tennis anime continues to ping our pong (that sounds disgusting), Nananananana’s Buried Treasure goes for the shotgun blast of anime girl fetishes, and if you look closely you just might find a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure joke.

First Look: Black Bullet

In the future, a parasitic virus that turns humans into monsters has wiped out the bulk of humanity. The survivors live in cities walled off by a metal effective against the monsters, also used to create bullets. Some girls are born with the virus and can utilize it for superpowers, making them humanity’s last hope to fight against their enemy.