OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Fall 2016

With the season far from more than halfway over, it’s time to once again take a look (and listen) at our favourite songs from shows that have been airing for the past few months. The lineup of bloggers recommending their pick may have shrunk a bit, compared to the past couple of times we did this, but on the other hand, This will be the first OP/ED Op-Eds in ages that won’t ask you to listen to the same song twice. Hey, I guess this season was just that good? Not much of a consolation, but eh, we’ll take what we can get. Anyway, this time around, I namedrop a bunch of artists you should ask your dad about, Artemis gets another reason to fawn over Yuri!! on Ice and Jel is most likely on drugs. Again.

Flip Flappers Episodes 4-7

Cocona and Papika continue to investigate Pure Illusion and find themselves being pulled into darker, more twisted worlds in their race against Yayaka and her team. Also Iro makes his grand anime debut.

Flip Flappers Episode 3

The two girls somehow end up in a post apocalyptic wasteland and become separated from each other. Papika tracks down Cocona but discovers she’s become the leader of a crew of bandits.

Flip Flappers Episode 2

Papika shows up at Cocona’s school and attempts to integrate herself as a transfer student. Cocona is initially sceptical but when her pet rabbit(?) Uexkull falls through a portal to Pure Illusion, the girls are forced to team up and chase after him.

First Look: Flip Flappers

Cocona is an ordinary middle school girl in an ordinary town, but one day she runs into the mysterious Papika, a sky-surfing girl accompanied by a fussy robot. Together they’re spirited away to the world of Pure Illusion, a mysterious alternate dimension full of whimsy and danger.

The GLORIO Fall 2016 Anime Guide – Part 2

Part 2 of our Fall guide features Sound! Euphonium season 2, which is possibly the most anticipated show of the season. As for the rest, it’s the usual mixed bag of sex and violence and dumb comedy, but there may be a few hidden gems lurking in this batch. No, I’m not talking about Keijo!!!!! Hip Flip Girl, at least I don’t think so…