Glorio Special Report: ATLUS Fighting Championships

We here at The Glorio Blog are big fans of Bearsona 4 Arena, so when I learned that a tournament was being held at an arcade a mere 15 minutes’ drive away, I figured I just had to go check it out. I’m the best P4A player among us by a fair margin (and was the closest to the location by a huge margin), so I was the obvious choice to go claim glory and prizes in the blog’s name. So, how did it go?

Glorio Special Report: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds: The Celebration

For several years now the Distant Worlds concert series has been recreating the music of the Final Fantasy series in the form of stunning orchestral rearrangements, but to celebrate this year’s 25th anniversary of the series, they’ve decided to do something a little special. The Celebration is a special, limited run program featuring music from all 14 mainline Final Fantasy games.…