Super Sentai is Super Serious Business

Tari Tari Episode 9

Sawa’s mom recruits the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club to dress up as Sentai Rangers and promote local business. This strikes a chord with Wien, who reveals why he takes the assignment so seriously.

I'm on a horse

Tari Tari Episode 8

Sawa begins to break down as her hope of becoming a professional rider seems to be getting further and further away. Meanwhile the Choir and Sometimes Badminton club is required to audition to perform on the main stage, and they just might have to go on without her.

Tari Tari Episode 7

Wakana commits to the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club just in time for some unfriendly competition with the original Choir club. Meanwhile, the group is trying to figure out their after graduation plans and Sawa seems to be struggling the most.

She's holding a rattle in case you're wondering

Tari Tari Episode 6

Wakana is so overwhelmed by her grief she falls ill and misses school. With the support of the people that care about her though, she is ready to fulfill her mother’s final wish.

Tari Tari Episode 5

The Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club celebrates a victory on the badminton side, but this time without Wakana. Trying to cope with all the recent talk about her mother, she tries rid herself of the things that bring back memories of her

Tari Tari Episode 4

The World Festival is shaken up by an old classic band with ties to Sakai’s past. Konatsu is a huge fan, but has to remember what she’s singing for.

Tari Tari Episode 3

The choir club falls apart after their failed recital, leaving Konatsu once again searching for members. Taichi also finds himself recruiting for badminton. Who will convince who to join their club?