Terror In Resonance Episode 5

Nine and Twelve plant a bomb on the subway, but soon come to realize that the police won’t be able to find it in time to evacuate. Unwilling to become mass murderers, they rush to take down the bomb themselves, but someone is getting in their way.

Terror In Resonance Episode 4

The police keep grasping at straws while Shibazaki heads to Aomori to gather more clues. Nine prepares another riddle, but starts to clash with Twelve over whether they should take in the runaway Lisa.

GLORIO Summer 2014 Anime Guide Part 2

Part 2 of our Summer 2014 guide is headlined the provocative Terror in Resonance, one of the most bizarre premises ever with Railway Wars, and a few returning series like Persona 4 The Golden Animation… wait, that’s a remake? Already? Throw in a few MORE pretty boys (this time dressed as girls) and the Summertime fun continues.