The Perfect Insider: Episode 2

As soon as Saikawa and his students arrive on the island, Moe sets out to explore the Magata laboratory and meet Shiki. However, the programming prodigy hasn’t had any physical contact with anyone in fifteen years — and she hasn’t given a sign of life in days.

First Look: The Perfect Insider

Professor Sohei Saikawa is planning an outing with the other members of his research lab. Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of his mentor, presents him with the idea to visit Shiki Magata, a mysterious programming genius who has gone into exile after being accused of murdering her parents. That’s all that happens, really. But that’s okay.

GLORIO Fall 2015 Anime Guide Part 2

Like the changing of the leaves the Fall anime season brings a change in source materials, with the latest crop of shows full of light novel adaptations and anime originals. In grand Glorio Blog tradition, I’m in charge of the second part, which features the anticipated One Punch Man, the not-so-glorious return of Glorio Blog dark horse Garo and noitaminA’s umpteenth attempt at winning back people with actual standards. Furthermore, there’s girls being flirty with girls, guys being flirty with guys, girls being flirty with a guy with no personality and a guy pretending he flirts with guys because he’s not allowed to flirt with girls. Anime sure is the best, isn’t it?