The Rolling Girls Episode 8

Misa is returned to Kyoto unharmed, and still plans to go through with the concert. Hearing this, Mamechiyo steals her stone and throws it into a river. A quick guilt trip by Nozomi reveals the friendship the two once had. Over at Mt. Oe, Ai accidentally launches the buddah missile barrage as the concert starts in full swing.

The Rolling Girls Episode 7

The girls find themselves in the former Imperial Captial, and once again in the thick of a fight between powerful Bests. Their lack of power is painfully noted as the kidnapping of a Best sees them quickly marginalized. However their luck may change, as the people of Kyoto treat Moonlight Stones as cursed objects, and they are told a stockpile might be lying somewhere in the area.

The Rolling Girls Episode 6

Our girls continue to try and unite the towns, but tensions are about to burst. After a heart to heart, the captains agree to a race which will place new guardian statues on the country’s castle. While the Mie vice-captain plans to steal glory for his own, Captain Tomoki gets back into the game and remembers his love of the sport.

The Half Time Show, Winter 2015

The smell of hot dogs, the noise of conversation and the occasional person dancing past in a shark costume. That’s right, it’s the half time show! The Glorio Rabble have put their heads together to let you know what’s worth your valuable time, in a world where first episodes are high budget and mid-season turns filler if left out in the sun too long. Want something cool to watch? Pick something from near the top, simple as that.

The Rolling Girls Episode 5

Nozomi’s next letter brings them to the twin kingdoms of Aichi and Mie. Terrorism has just struck this town as well, bringing tensions between the two areas to a boiling point. While both Bests want peace, their Rests are itching for a fight. In the middle of this, a young artisan named Himeko has come home after a long time journeying.

The Rolling Girls Episode 4

An old acquaintance of Yukina’s springs the girls out of their confinement. Meanwhile, Thunder Road has a change of heart, and tries to get Chi’s stone back. Amongst this confusion, another bomb is unleashed on the city.