WataMote Episode 10

Tomoko returns to school and must suffer the horrors of sitting in the middle of the classroom. When the call goes out for new clubs, she gathers the courage to start her own.

WataMote Episode 9

Yuu is forced to stand up Tomoko when she is asked to help waitress at her uncle’s cafe. To make it up to her, she invites Tomoko to visit. As Summer vacation reaches its end, Tomoko finds herself alone as ever.

WataMote Episode 8

Tomoko’s younger cousin is coming for a visit and she plans to wow her with stories about her boyfriend. As expected, this fails miserably, leaving Tomoko to resort to other means of looking cool.

WataMote Episode 7

Tomoko begins Summer vacation but seems to be getting diminishing returns on her lazy days of video games and bumming around the internet. To break up the boredom, she cashes in a ticket for a meet and greet with one of her favorite voice actors.

WataMote Episode 6

With Summer vacation quickly approaching, Tomoko desperately searches for someone to watch fireworks with. She tries a few… unconventional methods of snaring a companion with varying degrees of success.

WataMote Episode 5

Tomoko has been in high school for three months now and has seen no changes in her popularity. She steps up her game by taking on a silent, expressionless personality, trying out a Puricura booth, and trying to adopt the social skills of a hostess.