What is GLORIO?

Well, to answer that, we have to go back to the ancient times of the internet, to a blog post long forgotten by the world (by which I mean late 2010, and this blog post here), when most of us hung around the pretty-cool site Japanator. In fact, if you go back to that page, you can still see many of our names in the comment section. Our very own Aquagaze posted an image, but since the comment window of the site was only a specific width, part of the picture was cut off. What should have been GLORIOUS was instead cut off and became… GLORIO!

The infamous original image.

The infamous original image, in its full size.

The word caught on quick, and we all started spreading it around Twitter and the like. Not long after, a bunch of us all gathered together and reviewed the wrap-up of the Fall 2010 anime season, in a long crazy blog post that can still be found here (and the highlight of which was Iro forcing everyone to watch the dreaded Yumeiro Patissiere Professional). It was fun, and it didn’t take long before we organized a permanent Skype group where all of us could come and go as we please, chatting about whatever tickled our fancy.

We did a few more collaborative posts on the Japanator community blogs, but in July 2012 we decided to start our own crazy blog, with all manner of hookers and blow. It seemed a natural fit, since we all have such differing opinions on what makes a good anime. And the rest, as they say, is history. Even still, we retained the spirit that made the GLORIO Chatroom so enjoyable: we can all write what we please on any given post, even if we’re not watching the show, and it’s all kept in good fun.

All hail Yotsuba!

All hail Yotsuba! The revised image by GLORIO Alumnus Ben Huber

2 thoughts on “What is GLORIO?

  1. This is so weird. I made that original macro, now it’d be called a meme I guess, years and years ago. I just got talking about weird things me and my friends made for the internet and I decided to see where this image would lead me. Really fun to see how it got a life all of its own. Truly Glorio…

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