Ultraman R/B Episode 5

Blu helps a fellow scientist to perfect a flying suit. While out testing the device, the two brothers sense that a great power is hidden nearby. Also we got excited about this being a good episode so we might have overdone it on the GIFs. 

Ultraman R/B Episode 4

Rosso discovers he has an important baseball match coming up when the manager announces his resignation. Aizen attends, steals the show and summons Red King, because he can.

Ultraman R/B Episode 3

The Minato kids head off to meet Makoto Aizen, who is definitely not just a Japanese Tony Stark. Then a monster shows up and OH MY GOD GET THOSE TEETH AWAY FROM THAT EYEBALL.

First Look: Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Dull protagonist, an exorcist, moves into a room at a hot springs because it has cheap rent. There he finds himself living with a variety of quirky women who all seem interested in him, even though he’s very boring. He doesn’t exorcise a ghost despite being an exorcist, because she’s cute.