First Look: Anonymous Noise

The crank is turned on the office gacha machine, and out plops a small ball. Opening it up, we see two small slips of paper, each with a single printed word. The first of these slips says ‘music’. The second says ‘pretentious’. Challenge accepted, shouts Brain’s Base.

First Look: Attack on Titan Season 2

Eren Yeager and his boxcutter-wielding friends are back, murdering more naked giants and encouraging people to cosplay. We pick up where we left off in season one, after the capture of someone notable and with a dorky face peeking through a crack in the wall.

First Look: ChäoS;Child

Set some time after the events of ChäoS;HEAd, a group of students are investigating a series of deaths that look awfully like the return of the New Generation Madness murders.