First Look: The Fire Hunter

After a world-altering event, humans now spontaneously combust if they come into close proximity to a naked flame. To adapt, Fire Hunters harvest a new energy source from flamelings – twisted and dangerous creatures that contain a yellow substance that can provide heat and light without the need for fire.

First Look: The tale of outcasts

Wisteria is a young girl that is forced to beg on the streets to pay the slave trader that feeds her. Her only comfort in life is Marbas, a large demon only she can see, who recounts stories from his past to her while she sleeps. After learning that Wisteria has been sold to a man that tortures children, Marbas storms off to save her.

First Look: Blue Lock

The Japanese national soccer team has yet to win a world cup. In a bid to create future champions, they take modern, drastic measures: putting 300 high school strikers into a building to decide who joins the under twenties team.

First Look: The Eminence in Shadow

The Stylish Ruffian Slayer is a teenage boy who goes around with a bag of crowbars because it makes him feel strong. After playing out his hero fantasy and saving the girl, he quickly becomes acquainted with truck-kun.

First Look: Tomodachi Game

A group of five friends is kidnapped and forced to play gambling games with a bizarre child-like character, with the aim of winning the money needed to pay back a 20 million yen debt.

First Look: Love All Play

Ryou Mizushima enjoys playing badminton and hopes that he can continue playing it in high school with two of his close friends. Following an unsuccessful prefectural tournament, he’s surprisingly scouted by the prestigious Yokohama Minato High School, who offer him an unconditional place at the school on a sports recommendation.

First Look: Tokyo 24th Ward

Due to a disaster that happened a year ago, a close group of three friends have drifted apart. Things change on the anniversary of the event, when they each receive a phone call from someone who is meant to be dead. Upon answering the call they see a premonition of a future disaster, and their mental and physical abilities have been temporarily boosted to give them the tools with which to change it.

First Look: Futsal Boys!!!!!

Yamato Haru was inspired to start playing futsal when he saw U-18 Japanese-team player Tokinari Tennoji jump 30 feet into the air while yelling ‘Storm of Horizon’, then overhead kicking a ball into the opposing team’s goal. 

First Look: Police in a Pod

Kawai Mai has recently joined the police force, and is to start working out of a local police box. There she meets Fuji Seiko, her superior and ex-member of Criminal Affairs, who is just a little jaded about the job.

A Very GLORIO trip to Scotland Loves Animation 2021

Scotland Loves Animation is a yearly festival that runs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, bringing a curated selection of premieres and classic movies to the big screen for a week in October. Three of us from the GLORIO crew were there this month for the latest instalment, where we watched fifteen different films in the charmingly cosy Edinburgh Filmhouse cinema.

First Look: Build Divide: Code Black

By playing and winning games of Build Divide, you can earn key chips. If you collect twenty-one of those, you get a shot at being able to play against the King, where victory means a wish of yours will be granted. It’s an anime adaptation of a trading card game.