First Look: The Marginal Service

In an alternate universe Japan, the Marginal Service arm of the Bureau of Immigration handles supernatural crime from “Borderlanders”: dangerous nonhumans who hide in our midst. They do this with construction-themed equipment and explosives.

First Look: Insomniacs After School

Ganta Nakami suffers from insomnia, and it’s ruining his school life. One day he attempts to take nap in the old school observatory, only to encounter a girl who beat him to it. The two become fast friends as they bond over their… lack of sleep?

First Look: A Galaxy Next Door

Ichirou Kuga is a struggling manga artist who must balance his professional life with taking care of his two young siblings – no easy task when reliable assistants are so hard to come by. With looming deadlines threatening to overwhelm him, Kuga is thrilled when a beautiful young woman named Shiori Goshiki applies for the assistant position and turns out to be extremely talented. However, there’s far more to Goshiki than meets the eye, and Kuga’s life is transformed when he discovers that she’s no human but an alien princess… to whom he’s apparently just become engaged.

First Look: Too Cute Crisis

Liza Luna and her crew of alien researchers arrive at Earth, ready to destroy it when they see its underdeveloped civiliation. However, after stumbling upon a cat cafe, Liza decides to delay the apocalypse to investigate Earth’s cute creatures.

First Look: Yuri is My Job!

Hime is aggressively cute on the surface and must maintain that at all times. When she crashes into someone and covers for them at their job at a heavily themed cafe, your façade needs to mesh with everyone elses, else things might get a bit hairy…

First Look: Skip and Loafer

Mitsumi is finally moving out of the rural sticks and into Tokyo to attend high school, but the hustle and bustle of city life is more than she bargained for. Will she even be able to make friends, let alone accomplish her dreams?

First Look: My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

Akane tried playing an MMO with her boyfriend as a way to spend time together, but instead she gets dumped when he meets another girl in-game. She keeps playing to blow off some steam and reveals all of this to a guild mate, setting up a chance encounter that will change their lives.

First Look: My Home Hero

Salaryman Tetsuo Tosu fears for his daughter Reika’s life after finding out that she is being beaten up by her boyfriend – a gangster named Matori Nobuto who extorts money from young women and their families. After being beaten up himself by Nobuto and his gang, Tetsuo kills him in a fit of rage and is now faced with the consequences, including disposing of the body and working with his wife to protect both themselves and their daughter from further harm when people start questioning Nobuto’s sudden disappearance.

First Look: Heavenly Delusion

A child named Tokio lives in an isolated facility along with their classmates, overseen by their seemingly benevolent overseers desperate to protect them from the “hell” that lies beyond their walls. One day Tokio is offered a chance to, “see the outside.” Parallel to this story, teenage duo Maru and Kiruko explore a post apocalyptic Japan in search of something called “Heaven.” 

First Look: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger

In the distant past, the evil Bugnarok were defeated by five brave warriors who went on to found the five kingdoms of Terra. However, a prophecy foretells that after two thousand years the Bugnarok will rise again, and a new team of heroes will have to assemble to save humanity, the Royal Sentai, King-Ohger! 

First Look: The Fire Hunter

After a world-altering event, humans now spontaneously combust if they come into close proximity to a naked flame. To adapt, Fire Hunters harvest a new energy source from flamelings – twisted and dangerous creatures that contain a yellow substance that can provide heat and light without the need for fire.

First Look: Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari

Hyouma Kunato is heir to the Saenome clan, which is responsible for sending tsukumogami – spirits that can possess physical objects and thus gain physical form – safely back to their own world before harm occurs to either them or any hapless civilians who happen to be caught in the middle. However, due to a traumatic childhood event, Hyouma hates tsukumogami and always responds with violence, regardless of the circumstances. In order to help him resolve this issue, Hyouma’s grandfather sends him to live with Botan Nagatsuki, a girl who lives alongside six tsukumogami and views them as family.


It is the future, global warming has flooded the planet and high temperatures have massively reduced the population of the world. The solution is androids of course. This story follows four androids who don’t have owners and, thus, no regular income which they need to pay the electricity bills to stay operational (read:alive). They figure that if they win some X-Factor type thing and get the prize money that everything will be sorted.

First Look: Ippon Again!

With her arrival in high school, Michi is determined to leave her old hobby of Judo behind her. Howeever, the girl who beat her in her final match, Towa, turns out to be a classmate, and she’s determined to recruit Michi into her efforts to revive the school Judo club.

First Look: HIGH CARD

Known of only by a select few, the 52 X-Playing cards can each grant their owners superhuman power and abilities. After the cards are stolen from the Kingdom of Fourland in a daring heist, an elite group of operatives known as High Card is put together to hunt down and retrieve them. As the new owner of one of the cards, orphan and petty thief Finn is inadvertantly caught up in the conflict.

First Look: The tale of outcasts

Wisteria is a young girl that is forced to beg on the streets to pay the slave trader that feeds her. Her only comfort in life is Marbas, a large demon only she can see, who recounts stories from his past to her while she sleeps. After learning that Wisteria has been sold to a man that tortures children, Marbas storms off to save her.

First Look: Trigun Stampede

Vash the Stampede, aka the “Humanoid Typhoon”, wanders the planet Noman’s Land righting wrongs and causing problems for the establishment as he searches for his nefarious brother, Millions Knives.