GLORIO Special Report: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower US Premiere

As GLORIO’s official Type-Moon fan as well as a SoCal local, I was legally obligated to attend the USA premiere of the newest UFOtable Fate project, a film adaptation of Heaven’s Feel, the original visual novel’s third and final route. Or, to be more accurate, the first of three film adaptations of Heaven’s Feel. So, naturally, I bound and gagged fellow crewmember Gee-Man in my passenger’s seat and braved the infinite perils of downtown Los Angeles to discover if it was all worth the wait.


Glorio Special Report: ATLUS Fighting Championships

We here at The Glorio Blog are big fans of Bearsona 4 Arena, so when I learned that a tournament was being held at an arcade a mere 15 minutes’ drive away, I figured I just had to go check it out. I’m the best P4A player among us by a fair margin (and was the closest to the location by a huge margin), so I was the obvious choice to go claim glory and prizes in the blog’s name. So, how did it go?