First Look: Onihei

It’s Edo-Period Japan, and a group of military police tasked with arresting thieves and arsonists is led by the charismatic but ruthless Hasegawa “Onihei” Heizou. Fugitive Kumehachi is captured and asked by Heizou to turn spy, using his knowledge as an ex-thief to help the group bring other criminals to justice.

First Look: Spiritpact

Keika is the heir to a famous family of exorcists, who now scrapes by as a street fortune teller following the death of his parents. Shortly after encountering another exorcist named Ki, Keika is hit by a car and becomes a ghost, and is asked to make a pact with Ki in order to fight evil spirits together.

A Very GLORIO 2016: Artemis’ Pleasant Anime Surprises

It’s all too easy to remember the awful shows we subjected ourselves to over the course of the past year, but often much harder to remember the stuff that surprised us in the best of ways. In order to cap off 2016 on a positive note, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about those anime titles which, while not necessarily the strongest of the year, definitely exceeded expectations.

First Look: The Great Passage

The creation of a new dictionary titled The Great Passage is floundering since Kouhei Araki, the veteran editor in charge of the project, is about to retire. Unhopeful of finding anyone suited to taking over the task, he stumbles across Mitsuya Majime, an employee of the same publishing company whose devotion to words make him a poor salesman but an ideal successor.

First Look: Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

Kohana Aigasaki is a new transfer student at Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School, where teen Artistas – people whose magic allows them to create sparkly, sparkly art – are taught how to create even better sparkles and maybe also get into show business.