First Look: Piano Forest

Ever since he was small, Kai has been playing an abandoned piano in the middle of the forest – one which doesn’t play for anyone else. Shuhei, a new classmate, is the son of a famous pianist who aims to follow in his father’s footsteps. United by the piano in the forest, their paths intertwine.


First Look: Libra of Nil Admirari

In order to help her family, Tsugumi has agreed to marry a man of her father’s choosing whom she has never met. However, before this can happen, Tsugumi’s younger brother tries to commit suicide. The reason: he had in his possession a cursed book that has a strong emotional effect on whoever reads it. Tsugumi is then introduced to the Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau, otherwise known as Fukurou, whose job it is to hunt down such cursed tomes.

First Look: Sanrio Boys

High school boy Kouta Hasegawa has a love of Sanrio characters, but was bullied as a child for his ‘girly’ tastes and is now too ashamed to display his love openly. Feeling as though he is missing out on something important in life, he nonetheless goes about his high school days as usual – that is until he bumps into a popular group of boys with a similar affection for Sanrio characters, at least one of whom is entirely honest about his hobby.