First Look: Doreiku – The Animation

The SCM is a device that lets its wearer enslave anyone also wearing an SCM, lest you defeat them in a competition first. While Eiya Arakawa enters a bizarre contract with a Yuuga, a thrill-seeking weirdo keen to try out the device, a girl named Lucie uses hers to serve the man who raped her his just desserts. Yup, this is that kind of show.

First Look: Magical Girl Site

Aya Asagiri’s life is a living hell, much like watching this show. Things get better for Aya when a mysterious site offers her magical powers in the form of a toy gun. For us, things just get worse.

First Look: Comic Girls

Kaoruko “Kaos” Moeta is a high schooler trying to make it as a professional manga artist. When her latest work gets released to scathing reviews, her editor suggests she move into a dormitory for female mangaka.

The Wrap-Up: Winter 2018

If you go about doing a season preview, it is only obvious you also close off on a season review. In The Wrap-Up, all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past few weeks, as well as reflect back on the preview to see which shows let us down the most.

OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Winter 2018

This season, eight cute shows entered the ring in a fight to the death. One will reign victorious, but not in this feature, as our overview of the best theme songs of the season has no love for any of the combatants in The Roundup‘s cute show battle royale extravaganza. What do we have, then?…

First Look: Kokkoku

Everything changes for 23-year-old job hunter Juri Yukawa when her brother and young nephew are kidnapped by a mysterious organization, and her grandfather reveals his possession of The Stone, a bizarre artifact that allows him to enter the world of Stasis, where everything and everyone but them has been frozen in time. Using The Stone’s powers, Juri, her father and her grandfather attempt to sneak into the kidnappers’ hiding place while they’ve been rendered motionless — but they soon find out they’re not alone.