Kamen Rider Build Episode 3

The team attempts to track down Nabeshima, the mysterious man who abducted Ryuga and their only link to finding Night Rogue.


First Look: Kamen Rider Build

Japan has been split into three separate nations by Pandora’s Box, a mysterious artifact brought back from Mars. In the Eastern region of Touto, attacks by mysterious beings known as the Smash are escalating. The only one who can battle them is the amnesiac genius Sentou Kiryuu, who both fights the monsters and quests for his lost memories as Kamen Rider Build!

Review: Power Rangers (2017)

After 10,000…er, 24 years, Power Rangers is free! It’s time to conquer earth with a gigantic $100 million blockbuster, but can the film escape the long shadow of its legendary (and legendarily cheap) television predecessor? Zigg took to the cinema to find out.

First Look: Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

The evil Space Shogunate Jark Matter have taken over the 88 constellations of the known universe. Our only hope is the ragtag group of fighters known as the Rebellion, who quest across the stars to fulfil an ancient prophecy, find the 9 Kyu Globes and restore justice to the universe as the Space Sentai, Kyuranger!

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episodes 4 & 5

Kiriya Kujou, a coroner, reveals himself as the last of the four holders of the Gamer Driver. He attempts to retrieve a ‘sample’ the Bugster virus, but is foiled by the mysterious dark Rider known as Genm. Genm is capable of achieving a level 3 transformation and Emu is going to have to match that if he has any hope of defeating him.