The Roundup: Summer 2016 Volume 5

Believe it or not, we’re already at the midpoint of the Summer season and our Roundup shows are in peak form. Sweetness and Lightning and Amanchu continue to bring happiness to the world, Art Club comes dangerously close to making me angry but pulls through, and 91 Days will make me hesitate the next time I eat lasagna.


Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 7

After their music video has gone viral, Aqours are invited to Tokyo, where they will be performing alongside other debuting school idol groups in preparation for the grand Love Live competition. Given that every single member has the attention span of a 3-year-old, however, things soon go haywire.


The Roundup: Summer 2016 Volume 4

This being summer we have quite a few Glorio members on the go this week, but me, Iro, and Marlin are here to hold things down in The Roundup. Sweetness and Lightning and Amanchu introduce some new friends, That Art Club show is still pretty good, and blame Artemis for Cheer Boys resorting to a recap episode.


Macross Delta Episode 19

Mikumo’s singing destroys the Protoculture ruins on Voldor, freeing the people but leaving herself, Hayate, and Heinz unconscious. While all sides are at a standstill, Delta squad receives a visitor who seems to know more about their situation than any one else.

[FFF] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 06 [287288B7]_7 aug. 2016 10.40.42

No Love Live! Sunshine!! Coverage This Week…

… Because I decided to do something fun and productive with my time (i.e. going on vacation) in stead of wasting it on this lousy piece of work. But don’t worry! In celebration of Sunshine! recycling the exact same plot as its illustrious predecessor, you can always recycle some of my earlier posts and pretend it’s this week’s one. See you next week!