OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Summer 2017

Bad news! Summer is over! Good news! That means we’ll be telling you about our favourite anime songs of the season again! Scant consolation, probably, but hey, since when is that our job? Regardless, we have another diverse lineup for you, with gratuitous sex jazz, spy prog, minimal hip-house and a dash of fairy pop. All of these are totally real genres. Look them up.

First Look: Kamen Rider Build

Japan has been split into three separate nations by Pandora’s Box, a mysterious artifact brought back from Mars. In the Eastern region of Touto, attacks by mysterious beings known as the Smash are escalating. The only one who can battle them is the amnesiac genius Sentou Kiryuu, who both fights the monsters and quests for his lost memories as Kamen Rider Build!

First Look: Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light

Akio has fond memories of playing Final Fantasy III with his dad as a child. Many years later the two have grown distant, rarely talking to each other even though they live in the same house. With his dad quitting his job and retiring to everyone’s surprise, Akio hatches a plan to get the two on good terms again. Akio will go on adventures with his dad in Final Fantasy XIV, while pretending to be a stranger. Only after beating Twintania together will he reveal who he’s been travelling with.