First Look: Kakegurui Twin

First-year student Mary Saotome has one goal: to rise to the top as the pretty and popular gambling prodigy of the infamous Hyakkaou Private Academy. However, she soon discovers that she’ll need to up the ante if she really wants to gain the attention and accolades of her peers. Now, with an old classmate-turned-housepet by her side, Mary is determined to gamble (and cheat) her way to true fame and fortune – even if that means taking on the student council.

First Look: Fuuto PI

In the sequel to the 2009 tokusatsu series ‘Kamen Rider W’, the Narumi Detective Agency protects the windy city, Fuuto, from attack by hideous monsters known as Dopants. The agency is headed by wannabe hard-boiled detective Shotaro Hidari, and his mysterious partner Philip. Together, they are the world’s first two-in-one Kamen Rider.

I made a visual novel!

If you’re reading this blog, that probably means you’ve at least got a tangential interest in cartoon teenage girls saying things written by grown men who have never talked to a teenage girl before in their entire lives! Do you? Well, then I have got news for you.

First Look: Shine Post

Haru, Rio and Kyouka are working hard to take their idol unit TiNgS all the way to the top, but their efforts aren’t translating into audience turnouts in the slightest. When their disbandment seems imminent, the president of their talent agency decides to give them one last chance… but in order to make anything of it, the girls are going to need a manager who can do the impossible.

First Look: When Will Ayumu Make His Move?

Urushi knows that her underclassman in the shogi club, Ayumu, is smitten with her. Much to her frustration, however, he refuses to ask her out until he’s managed to beat her in fair game. As his shogi skills leave a lot to be desired, Urushi tries to get him to confess in myriad other ways, but his impenetrable poker face is as much of an obstacle to her as Urushi’s superior play is to him.

First Look: Call of the Night

Unable to sleep, a boy named Ko sneaks out to experience life on the streets at night. Just as he’s starting to enjoy it, he encounters a mysterious woman named Nazuna who is actually a vampire. Ko wants to become a vampire himself, but the process is not as simple as a bite on the neck.

First Look: The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Known as “The Demon of Sakuragi,” the violent Tooru Kirishima is the right-hand man of the well-known Sakuragi yakuza family and has a tendency to kill first and ask questions later. To instill in him a sense of responsibility, Kirishima’s boss tasks him with a new job that will challenge him unlike any other to date: take care of Sakuragi’s 7-year-old daughter.


Seventeen years ago, some uncle got isekai’d. However, he was just in a coma and woke up back in the real world with an obsession with SEGA and wanting to know how they did in the console war. Oh, he can still do all his magic powers and stuff, and there’s regular shared flashbacks to mid-isekai uncle, so it’s just an isekai flashback show apparently.

First Look: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Deadbeat college student Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up one morning to find a talking lizard on his bed. It proclaims that his destiny is to join up with the other Beast Knights and protect the Princess (who turns out to also be his next door neighbor, Asahina Samidare), lest the gigantic Biscuit Hammer fall and smash the entire planet. Though indifferent over the fate of the world, Yuuhi swears to follow Samidare after she declares that the Biscuit Hammer won’t destroy Earth; she will.

First Look: Tokyo Mew Mew New

In a new adaptation of Reiko Yoshida and Mia Ikumi’s classic manga, Ichigo Momomiya has just begun her high-school life and is already preoccupied with asking out her crush Aoyama. On their first date though things take a funny turn as she’s zapped by a mysterious ray which gives her the powers of the Iriomote Cat. Now she has to band together with a group of other girls with animal powers to battle an alien invasion!