The GLORIO Chat Episode 11: Spring 2018 First Impressions

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to the Golden Kamuy anime.


The GLORIO Chat Episode 10: Winter 2018 Season Wrap-Up

Jel, Iro, Marlin, and Gee aka Team GLORIO USA share their final thoughts on the Winter season. We talk about our favorite (or not so favorite) shows, discuss if Netflix is bad for anime, and Jel and Iro continue to battle over segues.

The GLORIO Chat Episode 7: Kawaiicast

No amount of bad audio, technical difficulties, or even the anime police can stop Jel, Iro, and Marlin from getting of their takes on this season’s bottomless pit of cute shows. We geek out about March Comes In Like a Lion, Dagashi Kashi, and the remaining contenders in our Cute Anime Battle Royale. Seriously though, apologies for the poor sound quality, we will do better next time.

The GLORIO Chat Episode 5: The State of Fate

Kids these days with their Fate/Grand Orders and Fate/Apocryphas, making up servants all over the place… BACK IN MY DAY, there were only seven servants with seven masters. Well, technically eight I guess… and wait, there’s the Caster and Assassin thing so uh not sure how many masters… ANYWAY, join Jel, Iro, and Gee for an anime-focused discussion of their love/hate relationship with Fate/Stay Night and the various sequels and spinoffs it has spawned over the years.