The GLORIO Chat Episode 3: Shoulder Guns Are Cool

We take a break from more conventional anime talk and tackle our sexiest topic yet – GUNPLA. Gee and Iro drop some knowledge on my ignorant self about the art of building elaborate plastic robots. It’s quite interesting, promise!


The GLORIO Chat Episode 1: Slightly Less Coherent Babble

AND WE’RE BACK! Join Jel, Iro, and Marlin in the first episode of the official reboot of the official podcast of The Glorio Blog. We chat about the new season and what’s worth watching and what’s worth skipping. Listen now and find out which one of us can do the best YEEEAAARRTTT!!! (spoiler: we are all terrible).

Incoherent Babble Episode 11: Hooverboard Edition

Yes, it’s time for those titans of the internet airwaves to return, as Zigg, Jel, Aqua, Iro and Life crash back onto the scene to give their impressions of the new season and break down each individual show. There’s also a smattering of what we’ve been watching and playing, and plenty of gossip on the…

Incoherent Babble Episode 10: TRUE SELF Edition

After an even longer break than before, the gang reunite for a new episode. With Zigg hosting and Aqua, Jel and Iro on the panel, they talk survival strategies, pretty men in spandex, bad sequels to bad games and the One Piece Rap before going for an in-depth discussion of this blog’s undoubted favourite topic, the Persona games. Beware spoilers!