First Look: Super Cub

Koguma has nothing going on in her life. No family, no friends, no hobbies, nothing. That changes when she buys a small motorcycle to help with her long commute to school. She immediately falls in love with her newfound freedom and the possibilities it brings.

First Look: Dragon Goes House-Hunting

Dragons are supposed to be the most powerful creatures in the world, but Letty is very bad at being a dragon. Booted from his parent’s castle, he now wanders the land with a shady elf real estate agent, searching for a new home.

First Look: Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-

One hundred years in the future, humanity is wiped out by evolved AI androids. In a last ditch effort to save mankind, contact is made with a singing AI from one hundred years in the past. Her mission is to make everyone smile with her songs, and the only way to do that is changing the future.