First Look: Call of the Night

Unable to sleep, a boy named Ko sneaks out to experience life on the streets at night. Just as he’s starting to enjoy it, he encounters a mysterious woman named Nazuna who is actually a vampire. Ko wants to become a vampire himself, but the process is not as simple as a bite on the neck.

First Look: YUREI DECO

In the virtual world of Tom Sawyer Island, a young girl teams up with an elusive hacker to find Phantom Zero – the thief stealing everyone’s love!

First Look: Lycoris Recoil

The facade of Japan’s low crime rate is upheld by a secret group of school girl assassins, called “lycoris”. A lycoris named Takina disobeys orders on a mission and gets reassigned to work with a legendary lycoris named Chisato… who runs a cafe in the city?