First Look: More than a Married Couple, but Not Lovers

Nerdy loser Jiro must participate in the “marriage practical” at school: a test where a male and female student must live together as a married couple and score points for how well they get along. Jiro hopes to be paired with his pure, innocent childhood friend, but gets matched with a brash gyaru who regularly teases him.

First Look: Akiba Maid War

Nagomi has always dreamed of being a maid, and now she finally has a chance to work at maid cafe in Akibahara. Together with her fellow new employee, an older woman named Ranko, they discover they’re not very good at being maids… but maybe they have a talent for something else.

First Look: Shinobi no Ittoki

After nearly being assassinated, average school boy Itokki learns that he is actually the heir of the famous Iga clan, a group of ninjas that have been operating in secret up to the present day. Now he must learn to become a ninja and defeat the Koga clan, their eternal rivals.

First Look: My Master Has No Tail

Mameda is Tanuki who wants to live with humans, but fooling people these days (the Taisho era) is not easy. After meeting a mysterious woman and seeing her perform rakugo, she becomes determined to learn the art as means to keep tricking humans.