First Look: Princess Connect! Re:Dive

A girl named Kokkoro is sent to awaken and serve a sleeping hero, who has forgotten his past. They encounter a girl they call Pecorine (who is I’m assuming is a princess), and the trio head toward Pecorine’s homeland.

First Look: My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

After a nasty fall, spoiled child Katarina Claes suddenly remembers her past life: she was a teenage otaku and the world she lives in resembles “Fortune Lover”, a visual novel game she played before she died. To make matters worse, she realizes she has been reincarnated as the game’s antagonist that meets a terrible end in every route. Can her extensive knowledge of the game help change her fate or will it only make things worse?

First Look: Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

If you visit the third stall of the third floor girls’ bathroom, you might meet Hanako-san. Hanako will grant you a wish but at great cost… or so the rumors at school will tell you. Nene will do anything to have her wish granted and decides to see if the rumors are true.