First Look: Trigun Stampede

Vash the Stampede, aka the “Humanoid Typhoon”, wanders the planet Noman’s Land righting wrongs and causing problems for the establishment as he searches for his nefarious brother, Millions Knives.

First Look: NieR:Automata Ver1.1a

In the far future, the remnants of humanity have been driven to the brink by the rise of machine lifeforms. The YoRHa model androids, including battler-model 2B and scanner-model 9S, are their last hope to battle the machines and retake Earth.

First Look: Giant Beasts of Ars

The fantasy world of Ars is beset upon by the eponymous giant beasts, which can only be defeated with entire armies or with the magical powers of Paladins and their mystical weapon-people, Clerics. A mysterious girl known as Prototype #22 escapes her captors and meets a former Paladin named Jiro the Already Dead, and the two form a new pact to fight the giant beasts.

First Look: Urusei Yatsura (2022)

Horny teen extraordinaire Ataru Moroboshi is randomly selected to be the representative of the human race in a contest of honor against invading aliens, and wins, saving the planet Earth! However, he accidentally proposes to Lum – the invaders’ princess – in the process. Now Ataru’s stuck between an unwanted suitor from space and his grumpy girlfriend from home, and both ladies are ready and willing to “correct” him should his eyes stray in the wrong direction.

First Look: Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Just as the Bleach anime returns after a decade long gap to cover the final arc of the manga, the Quincy faction returns after a thousand years to take their ultimate revenge against Soul Society. Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends might be the world’s only hope, etc. etc.

First Look: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Deadbeat college student Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up one morning to find a talking lizard on his bed. It proclaims that his destiny is to join up with the other Beast Knights and protect the Princess (who turns out to also be his next door neighbor, Asahina Samidare), lest the gigantic Biscuit Hammer fall and smash the entire planet. Though indifferent over the fate of the world, Yuuhi swears to follow Samidare after she declares that the Biscuit Hammer won’t destroy Earth; she will.

First Look: Spy x Family

The rival nations of Westalis and Ostania are locked in a cold war, where battles are won not through force of arms, but through espionage. Agent “Twilight” is Westalis’ top spy, and his newest assignment is to get close to an extremist political leader, an infamous recluse. The only path available is to meet him is via a school function, parent to parent. But Twilight is single and childless! To complete his mission, he’s got to put together a cover: a family that allows him to spy.

First Look: Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

Nagomu returns to his family’s Kyoto wagashi shop after a decade of failed musical pursuits, ready to inherit the business. But his father has already decided on a successor: Itsuka, a ten-year-old girl who was abandoned at the shop a year ago, and she thinks Nagomu’s a lout for abandoning his responsibilities. Guess they’ll have to learn to get along!

First Look: Love of Kill

Bounty hunter Chateau gets unexpectedly involved with professional hitman Soon Ryung-ha, who becomes unexpectedly smitten with her even as she unexpectedly gets the mission to take him down. Unexpectedly.

First Look: Orient

In a fantastical version of the Sengoku Period, the people of Hinomoto live under the yoke of monstrous oni masters. Only the magical warriors known as Bushi are able to stand against the demonic threat.

First Look: takt op. Destiny

In the 2040s, music is lost to humanity because it inevitably lures dangerous alien creatures called “D2”. The only thing capable of defeating them are super-powered young women with the power of music – “Musicarts” – and their magically bound handlers – “Conductors”. The Conductor Takt and his Musicart Destiny (who holds the power of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony) travel across the United States, righting wrongs and playing songs on their way to New York.

First Look: How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

The eponymous “Realist Hero” Kazuya Souma is summoned to another world while in the middle of reading Machiavelli’s The Prince. Resolved to his fate, he decides to use his modern-day political knowledge to reform magic medieval society and gets crowned king for his troubles.

First Look: The Case Study of Vanitas

In an alternate history industrialized Europe where vampires are an acknowledged social minority, the eponymous Vanitas is a doctor in possession of the ancient “Tome of Vanitas”, named after the ancient vampire Vanitas, which makes him the heir to Vanitas. Teaming up with disgraced vampire NoĆ© Archiviste, Vanitas uses the power of the Tome of Vanitas in order to cure vampires of metaphysical sicknesses affecting their True Names.