First Look: Cop Craft

15 years after a portal to the world of fey opened over the Pacific Ocean, the gateway city of San Teresa is a hotbed of crime both mundane and fantastic. Grizzled veteran detective Kei Matoba finds himself assigned a new partner: Tirana Exedirika, a knight of the very same magical race that Kei hates; even worse, she’s young, naive, and has a strong sense of justice. Together, they fight crime.

First Look: Fire Force

In an alternate universe Tokyo, spontaneous human combustion is real and turns people into monstrous fire creatures. The young Shinra – a third-generation pyrokinetic – joins the Fire Force’s 8th Squad in order to save people and discover the truth hidden in the flames.

First Look: To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

When the North and South of Patria were at war, forbidden techniques were used to transform human soldiers into monstrous creatures. Now the war is over, but the “Incarnates” are slowly losing their minds and becoming even more dangerous. Hank Henriette, former captain of the Incarnate squad, has sworn to hunt down and kill his former comrades before they destroy the fragile peace.