First Look: Real Girl

Hikari “Tsutsun” Tsutsui is an otaku who has no interest in real girls. After losing track of time while watching anime, he’s late for school and forced to clean the pool with Iroha Igarashi, a girl with a blunt personality and a loose reputation that’s well known across the school. With fate bringing them together, the two realize that maybe their first impressions of each other were wrong.


First Look: Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-

Shortly after her grandfather’s death, a young woman named Aoi is pulled into the hidden spirit world. There she learns her grandfather had racked up a massive debt and offered her hand in marriage as collateral to the owner of the city’s inn. She refuses to marry him, but offers to pay off the debt by working as a chef at the inn.

First Look: Magical Girl Ore

Saki is a normal teenage girl who spends her days crushin’ on a boy and failing miserably at being an idol, as you do. One day the boy she likes gets carried off by a group of adorable, super buff teddy bear demons, and to save him she contracts with the Yakuza to become a Magical Girl… of sorts.

The GLORIO Spring 2018 Anime Guide – Part 2

Part 2 of our guide features Megalo Box, the robot enhanced boxing tribute to Ashita no Joe, although I’m probably more interested in Hinamatsuri, the magical girlfriend Yakuza comedy (not to be confused with this season’s magical girl Yakuza comedy). Oh, and I guess Persona 5, Sword Art Online, and Cutie Honey, you may have also heard of those.

The GLORIO Spring 2018 Anime Guide – Part 1

​I guess anime is far from dead as the spring season is jam packed with more shows than I think we’ve ever seen in the history of The GLORIO Blog. Lots of new shows, lot of returning old shows, lots of continuing shows from last season… it’s a bit overwhelming but we are here to help you sort it out. Part 1 of our guide has me excited for Doga Kobo’s new original off-brand Nozaki-kun clone, and there’s certainly a variety of other shows to check. Let us know what looks good to you, and we’ll see you in part 2.