Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7

While Sakurai continues to sort out his feelings, Koiwai signs up for the game and asks Moriko to teach him how to play. Moriko creates an alternate starter character to help him out, but things get complicated when they run into Kanbe.


The Roundup: Fall 2017 Volume 5

We’re already halfway through the season and on top of that, we’re dangerously close to the end of the year. That means Best of 2017 talk is coming soon! I don’t know if any of our Roundup shows will take Best Show of the year, but I know the conspicuously absent Classicaloid will definitely not. Anyone want to offer their preliminary picks?

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 6

Moriko learns she showed up on the wrong day for her date with Koiwai so she has dinner with Sakurai instead. Misreading the situation, Sakurai backs off and Moriko still goes on her date with Koiwai the next day. Also, Marlin joins us this week and I try to subliminally sabotage his argument with my choice of screencaps.

The Roundup: Fall 2017 Volume 4

It’s one of longest Roundups yet as Gee catches up with two weeks worth of Kino’s Journey and Marlin makes a surprise appearance. Most notably though, March Comes In Like a Lion delivers one of its best episodes and reminds us why I had it as an anime of the year contender. More of that please.