First Look: Outburst Dreamer Boys

Mizuki Hijiri is just a normal girl with conjunctivitis or something. She’s just transferred to a new school and has caught the interest of a notorious group of delusional do-gooders. Despite their immature behaviors, it seems they may be on to something when Mizuki comes under attack.

First Look: Azur Lane

After joining forces to repel an alien invasion, the nations of not-United States and not-England find themselves resuming conflict with not-Germany and not-Japan. These former members of the “Azur Lane” alliance battle using technology that imbues young girls with the power of naval warships.

Kamen Rider Zero-One Episodes 4 & 5

Isamu, determined to reveal the truth about the mysterious ‘Daybreak’ incident, ventures into the ruined city. Afterwards, Aruto has to contend with the fact his favourite manga author has outsourced all his work to Humagears.