First Look: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara

Tsukishiro Hitomi is lonely. She lives with her grandmother and reminisces about the time she used to spend with her mother, and when she was able to see the world in colour. While watching the fireworks she used to love, her grandmother uses time magic to send her into the past, to meet when they are both the same age. 

First Look: A Certain Magical Index Season III

Tensions are rising across the world in the aftermath of the attack from God’s Right Seat. The Roman Catholic Church and Academy City seem to be on the path to war. Touma Kamijou finds himself once again at the center of it all, and along with his allies they may be the only ones that can stop the conflict.

First Look: Double Decker! Doug and Kirill

A dangerous super drug named “Anthem” is spreading amongst the city’s criminal underground. The special crime investigation unit, “Seven-O,” is tasked with investigating Anthem and apprehending its users who are enhanced with super powers by the drug. Overeager rookie cop Kirill Vrubel and veteran detective Doug Billingham are one such duo who must work together to bring these criminals to justice.