The Roundup: Summer 2018 Volume 1

It took awhile for all the new shows to air, but now that we’ve hit at least episode 2 of just about everything it’s time for the Roundup to return! This season we’ve got Banana Fish, Chio’s School Road, Revue Starlight, Planet With, and Hanebado plus Steins;Gate 0 returning from last season.

First Look: Aguu: Genius Dolls

A young ballet dancer discovers that her friend’s prodigious talent comes from ‘aguu’ – once real people whose skills are being used for the benefit of others, and who now suffer on in eternal torment.

First Look: Revue Starlight

Karen is studying at a prestigious music academy to become the next star of the theatre. When her childhood friend Hikari returns to Japan after a twelve-year absence, Karen, along with her classmates, gets roped into a mysterious audition process.

First Look: Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Dull protagonist, an exorcist, moves into a room at a hot springs because it has cheap rent. There he finds himself living with a variety of quirky women who all seem interested in him, even though he’s very boring. He doesn’t exorcise a ghost despite being an exorcist, because she’s cute.

First Look: Grand Blue Dreaming

Moving in with his uncle, who owns a diving shop, Iori Kitahara anticipates a fulfilling freshman year in college, surrounded by cute co-eds and kindred spirits. Unfortunately, the local diving club doesn’t exactly seem to have its priorities straight.