First Look: Fate/Extra Last Encore (And Bonus!)

It’s another Holy Grail War! But this one’s on the moon! And also a video game! And animated by Shaft!


First Look: Soul Hunter

Taikobo, a young man whose clan was wiped out by a beautiful, ageless demon, is charged with hunting down and sealing all immortals living in the human world.

First Look: Darling in the FranXX

Humanity fights monsters known as Klaxosaurs with humanoid giant robots known as Franxx. Each one is piloted by a boy-girl duo known as, “parasites.” Hiro is a parasite whose washed out of the program after his failure to reach synchronicity with his former partner. Ready to leave for good, a chance meeting with the mysterious fatalistic parasite known as Zero-2 changes his fate forever.

First Look: Killing Bites

Nomoto helps his asshole friends kidnap schoolgirl Hitomi, but he soon finds himself the lone survivor as she reveals she’s a genetically engineered animal/human hybrid, created to take part in a series of deadly deathmatches.