GLORIO Special Report: Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower US Premiere

As GLORIO’s official Type-Moon fan as well as a SoCal local, I was legally obligated to attend the USA premiere of the newest UFOtable Fate project, a film adaptation of Heaven’s Feel, the original visual novel’s third and final route. Or, to be more accurate, the first of three film adaptations of Heaven’s Feel. So, naturally, I bound and gagged fellow crewmember Gee-Man in my passenger’s seat and braved the infinite perils of downtown Los Angeles to discover if it was all worth the wait.


First Look: Children of the Whales

Chakuro is the writer and archivist of the Mud Whale, a tiny island that floats across a sea of sand. 9 out of 10 of the inhabitants are blessed with magical powers, but these powers also doom them to a short lifespan. While exploring another island one day, Chakuro and his friends discover a mysterious girl who may come from a world beyond their knowing.

First Look: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Orphaned and plagued by visions of otherworldly creatures, Chise Hatori has sold herself into slavery, looking for a place to call home. Luckily, the mysterious man who ends up buying her has something else for her in mind. Welcoming her into his household, he announces himself as the titular magus, Elias Ainsworth, and claims he’ll make Chise his apprentice… and his bride.

First Look: Blend S

Sakuranomiya Maika is desperate for a part-time job, as she’s hoping to save up money to travel abroad. Unfortunately she has naturally scary eyes, so potential employers end up too frightened to hire her. She’s eventually hired at a themed cafe, and told to be sadistic to the customers. 

First Look: TwoCar

Enter the exciting world of competitive high school sidecar motorcycle racing with two girls that kind of hate each other, but are good on the track.