First Look: Spy x Family

The rival nations of Westalis and Ostania are locked in a cold war, where battles are won not through force of arms, but through espionage. Agent “Twilight” is Westalis’ top spy, and his newest assignment is to get close to an extremist political leader, an infamous recluse. The only path available is to meet him is via a school function, parent to parent. But Twilight is single and childless! To complete his mission, he’s got to put together a cover: a family that allows him to spy.

First Look: Tiger & Bunny 2

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr. are back at it as the dynamic superhero duo Tiger and Bunny, fighting crime on the hit reality TV series, “HERO TV,” where corporate sponsored superheroes compete to earn points by apprehending criminals and saving lives. It’s been a few years since the events of the first season, and now the two must contend with a new generation of heroes, eager to to prove their mettle.

First Look: Love After World Domination

Desumi and Fudo are hopelessly in love and learning the ins and outs of the dating game. There’s just one problem – she’s the Death Queen of the evil organization Gekko and he’s the leader of the Sentai squad Gelato 5, dedicated to foiling their plans.

First Look: Dance Dance Danseur

After discovering an unexpected passion for ballet as a child, Junpei, now a middle-school student, has forsaken his childhood dream to follow in his deceased father’s footsteps as a more ‘manly’ stunt coordinator. However, his perceptive classmate Miyako, a ballet dancer herself, recognizes Junpei’s talent and is determined to have him perform in an upcoming recital.

First Look: Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

Nagomu returns to his family’s Kyoto wagashi shop after a decade of failed musical pursuits, ready to inherit the business. But his father has already decided on a successor: Itsuka, a ten-year-old girl who was abandoned at the shop a year ago, and she thinks Nagomu’s a lout for abandoning his responsibilities. Guess they’ll have to learn to get along!

First Look: Tomodachi Game

A group of five friends is kidnapped and forced to play gambling games with a bizarre child-like character, with the aim of winning the money needed to pay back a 20 million yen debt.

First Look: Birdie Wing – Golf Girls’ Story

Eve The Rainbow Bullet golfs in high stake matches with money on the line to support her adopted family. Having lived in poverty her whole life, golfing is the only way she knows to survive. Blessed with a preternatural talent for it, she hungers for a greater challenge. Aoi is a golfing prodigy who plays on the pro scene and possesses deceptive power and skill. One day the two cross paths and the world of women’s golf is changed forever.

First Look: Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL

The year is 2062 and Earth lies devastated after the failure of the automated workforce initiative Project Artemis led to a massive AI uprising that almost wiped out humanity. In an abandoned laboratory in San Francisco, a girl with no memories wakes up and attempts to discover who she is and what purpose she has.

First Look: Love All Play

Ryou Mizushima enjoys playing badminton and hopes that he can continue playing it in high school with two of his close friends. Following an unsuccessful prefectural tournament, he’s surprisingly scouted by the prestigious Yokohama Minato High School, who offer him an unconditional place at the school on a sports recommendation.

First Look: The Executioner and Her Way of Life

Menou is an executioner with one task – to kill the unfortunate souls who have been warped here from a place called ‘Japan’ before they can use their otherworldy powers to devastate the land. However, that job becomes more complicated with the arrival of a girl with the power to defy death.

First Look: Ya Boy Kongming!

In the year 234CE, legendary strategist Zhuge Liang passes away, signaling the curtain call to The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the war between Wei, Shu, and Wu. However, this isn’t the end for Zhuge Liang, courtesy name, Kongming. He awakes to find himself in modern day japan, a young man again and bewildered by his surroundings. Here he meets Eiko, an aspiring singer struggling to make her voice heard. Together, the two work to make the best of their odd relationship against the trials and tribulations of modern life.

First Look: CUE!

A group of 15 wannabe voice actors join a brand new talent agency called AiRBLUE. They learn and do voice acting, and maybe some singing too. That’s it, that’s the plot.

First Look: Love of Kill

Bounty hunter Chateau gets unexpectedly involved with professional hitman Soon Ryung-ha, who becomes unexpectedly smitten with her even as she unexpectedly gets the mission to take him down. Unexpectedly.

First Look: Tokyo 24th Ward

Due to a disaster that happened a year ago, a close group of three friends have drifted apart. Things change on the anniversary of the event, when they each receive a phone call from someone who is meant to be dead. Upon answering the call they see a premonition of a future disaster, and their mental and physical abilities have been temporarily boosted to give them the tools with which to change it.

First Look: Orient

In a fantastical version of the Sengoku Period, the people of Hinomoto live under the yoke of monstrous oni masters. Only the magical warriors known as Bushi are able to stand against the demonic threat.

First Look: TRIBE NINE

In the year 20XX Neo Tokyo is dominated by street gangs of disillusioned youths. To prevent all-out war breaking out, the government has decreed all conflicts should be resolved through ‘Extreme Baseball’ matches.