Fate/Apocrypha Halfway Check-In

The Great Holy Grail War continues, and the machinations of the Red Faction come to light. I also talk some shit about the Fate franchise!


OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Summer 2017

Bad news! Summer is over! Good news! That means we’ll be telling you about our favourite anime songs of the season again! Scant consolation, probably, but hey, since when is that our job? Regardless, we have another diverse lineup for you, with gratuitous sex jazz, spy prog, minimal hip-house and a dash of fairy pop. All of these are totally real genres. Look them up.

Made In Abyss Episodes 6-9

Reg and Riko confront the mysterious Ozen the Immovable, who reveals many secrets about her role in Riko’s past. From there, they travel down through the Third Layer, an endless cliff full of dangerous predators.

Our Two Cents: Forgotten Gems

Sometimes a show manages to find a place in our hearts even when it’s been denied access to the collective consciousness. In the first instalment of our new monthly feature, Zigg, Iro, Aqua, Gee, Euri, and Artemis throw in their two cents on which all-but forgotten anime they still hold dear.