First Look: Akame ga Kill!

A young mercenary sets out from home to earn riches in the capital and save his starving village. What he finds is a capital rank with corruption. He will see just how dark the corruption is when he gets involved with a group of famous assassins.

First Look: If Her Flag Breaks

A boy with a curse can see flags above people heads. He uses his genre awareness to smash those flags so that they don’t get too close to him and draw a death flag. He is introduced to a girl with no flags and a girl with seemingly limitless flags.

First Look: The Devil’s Riddle

A young assassin is sent to take part in an assassination game. There are 12 contestants and one target who is to be assassinated. Winning is simple, be the one to kill the target. Or at least it would be simple if our assassin had the sense not to fall in love with her target and decide to protect her instead.