Tamako Market Episode 2

Valentine’s day is approaching and the Bunny Mountain Shopping District (yes, they apparently live on Bunny Mountain) brainstorms ideas for the occasion. Tamako herself seems to have a few admirers but who will she give her chocolate to?

First Impressions: Sasami@Unmotivated

Alternate Titles:┬áSasami-san@Ganbaranai, Sasami and the Sibling Surveillance System Light Novel Adaptation by SHAFT Simulcast pending on The Anime Network Premise:┬áSasami Tsukuyomi (Kana Asumi) is a lazy, slightly snappy shut-in who depends entirely on her doting brother Kamiomi (Hochu Otsuka) to get anything done. Whenever he’s out, Sasami lies on her bed, observing the world through…