The Roundup: Fall 2015 Volume 5

A bit of a down week as Osomatsu starts to show its age, Miss Monochrome can’t decide what to do with this week’s episode, and Monogatari wraps up one of its worst arcs. But hey, Dance with Devils will never disappoint us, right?

The Roundup: Fall 2015 Volume 4

Dance With Devils teaches us that Chinese gangster souls taste better than roast duck, Miss Monochrome learns that strange men that pop out of giant tuna make great friends, and Osomatsu reminds you that everyone hates you because you hate yourself. Good times!

The Roundup: Fall 2015 Volume 3

In this week’s installment… Osomatusu gets a little TOO REAL, Dance with Devils triggers the incest route, Miss Monochrome teaches us that Santa lives in Finland, and Owarimonogatari is boring. Oh and hey, Concrete Revolutio joins The Roundup! The Roundup is a weekly guide to all the “other” shows we’re watching this season. Check out our…

First Look: Concrete Revolutio

In an alternate Japan, superheroes, aliens and magic users all exist and live among ordinary people, either hidden or in plain sight. Jiro Hitoyoshi is a member of the Superhuman Bureau, a secret government organisation dedicated to protecting these special folk and fighting those who would use their powers for evil.

GLORIO Fall 2015 Anime Guide Part 1

Like the changing of the leaves the Fall anime season brings a change in source materials, with the latest crop of shows full of light novel adaptations and anime originals. Part one of our guide is anchored by solid, know entities like Noragami and the inevitable return of the Monogatari series, but there’s a lot of other interesting new shows as well. We’re all at least curious to see if Mari Okada can turn the new Gundam series into anything less that a train wreck and I’m rather intrigued to see the stylish but infuriatingly misspelled Concrete Revoltio. Just watch out for those “Light Novel Mad Libs” shows that seem to make up the rest.