First Impressions: Il Sole Penetra Le Illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion

Alternate titles: Day Break Illusion, Gen’ei wo Kakeru Taiyou, The Sun Penetrates the Illusions, The Phantom Piercing Sun; how many titles can one show have? Anime Original by AIC Simulcast on Crunchyroll Premise: Akari Taiyou (Mai Kadowaki) is a perky middle schooler with a silly, colourful hairstyle who goes around her daily live telling fortunes and helping other…

GLORIO Summer 2013 Anime Guide

For many of us Summer means hot temperatures, cold drinks, and lots of B-list anime. For your convenience, we have compiled this handy guide of the shows we’ll be taking a look at (hint: it’s just about all of them) and hope you’ll stick around for our upcoming first impressions.