First Look: Ninja Slayer

Left for dead after his wife and child are murdered by evil ninja, Kenji Fujikido becomes possessed by a vengeful ninja spirit. Vowing to murder the evil ninja responsible, he becomes the Ninja Slayer, and wages his war against Neo Saitama.

GLORIO Retrospective: Inferno Cop

Exactly one year ago, Studio Trigger changed the world when it aired the grand finale of beloved anime series Inferno Cop. Today the Glorio crew reflects on that fateful day, and asks, “Where were you when Third Destroy Finale hit?”

Winter 2013 Anime Short Roundabout Hullabaloo

Seems like a growing trend the past couple of seasons for studios to crank out quick, cheap, 5 minute or less anime shorts in an effort to… uhhhh well…. honestly I’m not sure what these things are for, but there’s quite a few of them this season and they often get the same big announcement (and streaming license) as any other full length title. So in the name of JOURNALISM, let us venture forth and see if any of the Winter season’s shorts are worth even the minuscule amounts of time they demand.