First Look: In the Land of Leadale

Keina (with a K) is in hospital on life support. To get some sort of enjoyment out of staying alive, she plays a VRMMORPG. There’s a power cut and the life support stops, but while the body died, Keina’s mind entered the game and became Cayna (with a C and a Y), an overpowered half-elf. 200 years passed but Keina’s efforts in the game in the past are still relevant and available, such as the children she made in the game. Oh right, yeah, she has some adopted children in the game, who haven’t seen their mother for 200 years.

The title of the show, in fancy Japanese text, with the english name below it. The text is white and pink and orange, and the background is an out-of-focus view over a pastel-coloured forest on a sunny day. There are some hazy mountains in the distance.

First Look: The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

A woman who works late nights in an office goes home to her empty one-room apartment and is summoned into a medieval fantasy world with magic and stuff. It turns out she’s some kind of god-queen or whatever in this new world, and is presumably going to save it with her powers. Also, there are lots of pretty boys to kiss, which is probably the more important thing.