Free! Episode 4 – The Ocean Says Yes

Recap: With a mere week before their big debut, Gou submits the swimming team to a phenomenal training regime, yet her meticulously planned schedule is quickly tossed out as Rei cannot catch up. It is up to Makoto and Nagisa to teach him how to swim.

Free! Episode 3 – Go, Gou, Go!

Recap: Despite having reeled in a manager, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa soon realize that in order to swim relay, they will need a proper fourth member. Nagisa’s eye quickly falls on the bespectacled athletics ace Rei Ryugazaki, for no other reason than that he has a girly name. I’m starting to spot some sort of…

First Impressions: Free!

Haruka loves the water but has given up competitive swimming and resigned himself to a normal life. But when some old friends who used to be in his swim club show up at school, his spirit is renewed.