First Look: Call of the Night

Unable to sleep, a boy named Ko sneaks out to experience life on the streets at night. Just as he’s starting to enjoy it, he encounters a mysterious woman named Nazuna who is actually a vampire. Ko wants to become a vampire himself, but the process is not as simple as a bite on the neck.

First Look: The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Known as “The Demon of Sakuragi,” the violent Tooru Kirishima is the right-hand man of the well-known Sakuragi yakuza family and has a tendency to kill first and ask questions later. To instill in him a sense of responsibility, Kirishima’s boss tasks him with a new job that will challenge him unlike any other to date: take care of Sakuragi’s 7-year-old daughter.

First Look: YUREI DECO

In the virtual world of Tom Sawyer Island, a young girl teams up with an elusive hacker to find Phantom Zero – the thief stealing everyone’s love!

First Look: RWBY: Ice Queendom

In the world of Remnant, humans and human-animal hybrids called Faunus go about their days as best they can with the constant threat of monsters called Grimm hanging over their heads. At Beacon Academy, where teens are trained to become licensed Hunters and Huntresses to destroy these Grimm, the new school year’s most recent arrivals include Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Together, they form Team RWBY, and despite their differences, they must study and battle as a unit if they wish to graduate and achieve their dreams.

First Look: Lycoris Recoil

The facade of Japan’s low crime rate is upheld by a secret group of school girl assassins, called “lycoris”. A lycoris named Takina disobeys orders on a mission and gets reassigned to work with a legendary lycoris named Chisato… who runs a cafe in the city?