First Look: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika is a starting freshman. She’s a pathological liar with a very vain concept of how friendship works. In order to get in good with some gaaru girls that are her neighbors, she pretends to have a boyfriend. After being pressed, she decides to take the picture of some rando named Kyoya to pretend he’s the genuine article. There’s only one problem: He goes to her school. In order for him to keep up airs, he wants to make her life an embarrassing mess.

GLORIO Fall 2014 Anime Guide Part 1

This past Summer season was great for comedy anime, but as we move to Fall it’s time to get SERIOUS. Part 1 of our guide features two huge names with a brand new Gundam series and the revisiting of the massively popular Fate/Stay Night. The return of F/SN also marks the return of the visual novel adaptation, which seems to be making a comeback this season. Throw in a new series from Kyoto Animation that is as close to more Full Metal Panic as we’re ever going to get and there’s quite a bit to see. Take a look these sweet trailers, let us know what looks good to you, and be ready for more when we launch Part 2.