First Look: Love Flops


Alternative title(s): Renai Flops
Manga Adaptation by Passione
Streaming on HIDIVE


Average nobody Asahi Kashiwagi has a fated encounter with, not one, but FIVE cuties from his school. Somehow, this makes all of them fall in love with him.


Jel’s verdict: This Anime is a Flop

I think the author genuinely believed this was a clever idea. They clearly know they are recycling a million anime romcom bits – running with toast, falling down the stairs, etc. all of which lead to a face full of panties – but they dare to ask what if we did ALL of them at the SAME TIME? It’s smart because we’re acknowledging these are well worn ideas, and funny because of the chaos it causes, right? Wrong.

The end result feels more like a rushed intro to a mid 2000s visual novel or dating sim than a coherent anime. Our sad sack protagonist meets each member of his harem in a bubble (one of which is currently identifying as a boy, but I don’t trust this show to handle that well), completely detached from interacting with anyone but him. I guess there is one scene where the girls talk to each other in the locker room, but that is more about showing them undressing than anything else.

So rather than pure chaos, which I think could be funny if done well, we get five first episodes of the most bland, generic anime romcoms you’ve ever seen. The only thing remotely interesting is the setting, which seems to be a near-future, slightly higher tech version of present day Japan. It made me wonder if there would be a big twist, like this was all a simulation or a video game or something. That does not happen, and instead the one unique thing they have goes to waste. At least it looks good? That’s about all the credit I can give.


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