A Very GLORIO 2022: Artemis’ Perfectly Cromulent Anime Awards

Realistically, not every series can be a gem, and not every series even strives to be. So, here’s a toast to the little guys – those anime that aren’t great but also aren’t terrible, the shows that got people through seasons full of outright shite, the titles that helped fill in the blanks and got a “well, that was at least okay” seal of approval in return.

A Very GLORIO 2022: Aqua is extremely boring

This is it, folks. I have officially hit rock bottom. I’m going to be boring. I’m going to give you my five favourite shows of the year, and my thoughts on them, and that’s it. So put on your beige shirt and produce some kind of monotonous grunt to express your excitement in a respectable fashion. Here are — deep sigh — the shows of 2022 I want to shout ou— err, I mean, highlight. Boringly.

A Very GLORIO 2022: Gee’s Last Minute Year in Review

2022 is an interesting year for anime. What it lacks in an obvious high profile mega-hit, it makes up for with a lot of surprise hits. I laughed a lot with anime this year, and that’s worth something. Join me as I reminisce about the anime I watched this year, both the good and the bad. I’m not going to lie people, I threw this together at the last minute. I hope it’s coherent?