From the New World Episode 8

Two years after the end of the previous episode, Saki and company are now teenagers and seem to be slowly drifting apart. But a visit from a mysterious figure places Shun into a dangerous predicament.

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 22

Recap: Mecha-Truth goes to town on the Allied Forces as the secrets behind his nature are finally unravelled. To escape, Ao is teleported back to Okinawa, where he has an awkward reunion with Naru. And somewhere far away, a lone figure is searching for something…

Talk about an evil eye

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 21

As Ao and team Pied Piper try and settle into their new arrangement with the Japanese government, Elena meets Maggie Kwan and confronts Eureka about her mysterious origins, and Naru arranges ‘Occupy Scub Coral’.