From The New World Episode 19

Summary: Saki and Satoru get separated from the rest of their patrol group and team up with three other survivors. In search of the other group’s lost, they end up in an abandoned hospital surrounded by Queerats. However, they soon find out the Queerats are the least of their worries.

From The New World Episode 18

Summary: The time has come for Kamisu’s annual summer festival, and the authorities, Saki included, discuss the overwhelming victory of the Robber Fly colony over the Giant Hornets. Kiroumaru has escaped, but the likeliness of Squealer having discovered a false Minoshiro is all the more likely. Saki and Satoru receive some bad news, but an…

From The New World Episode 17

Recap: It has been over a decade since the last episode, and Saki and Satoru have grown up and found jobs in the village. The status quo is threatened however by the deepening political tensions between the Queerat clans.

From The New World Episode 16

Summary: Saki and Satoru read through Maria’s poignant goodbye letter. As they reflect on their pasts and what they have learnt about Kamisu’s 66th District, they are driven to a frightening decision.