First Look: Wish Upon the Pleiades

Originally an OVA collaboration between car manufacturer Subaru and Gainax, it’s now a full length TV series. Subaru is a milquetoast teenage girl who likes space. Suddenly she meets a bunch of other magic girls and becomes one herself. Their brooms make car noises.

GLORIO Spring 2015 Anime Guide Part 3

The final part of our guide goes in strong on the nostalgia with new Digimon and Lupin III series, plus we get Trigger’s latest attempt to SAVE ANIME with Ninja Slayer. Meanwhile, I go against my better judgement and remain cautiously optimistic about Punchline and Yamda-kun and the 7 Witches, two comedies that probably won’t be winning any Anime of the Year awards. Maybe I’m just getting worn down by all this new anime? Take a look and decide for yourself.